Two days before I left on my trip to Austin my mother flew in from the Midwest.  She came for two reasons, both greatly appreciated.  My trip was very close to my daughters birthday, for which my mom comes into town each year anyway.  But the timing, the early arrival was due to the fact … Continue reading mothered


Eight years ago my life changed in the most amazing way.  I met the most remarkable person.  Someone who will be tied to my heart, my life, my existence for all time.  It was eight years ago today that my beautiful daughter K was born. When I held her in my arms I didn't imagine … Continue reading eight

no place

After a week on the road, and I use the term "on the road" very loosely, I'm reminded of a few things that make being home truly special.  Though I had a fantastic trip to Austin, the joy of it was more about experiences, opportunities and fun than it was about attending the actual SXSWI … Continue reading no place


This particular blog post seems to have a check list to go along with it, so why don't we start there... Laying in bed with my big velvet winter comforter?  Check Wearing undies and my favorite stripey shirt?  Check Red lipstick?  Check Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds or Tom Waits playing in my ears?  … Continue reading Transparency…