all fun all day… and it’ll all end in tears

Today is all about the fun.  About the good times.  How much awesome stuff can K and I pack into one afternoon without leaving the house.  Those are the two most important parts of the day… FUN and NOT LEAVING THE HOUSE.

In a little over an hour I’ll take her to Music Camp for a couple of hours where she will play, sing and dance with friends and the music teacher from her school.  That’s the only outing there will be today, and with good reason.

When I pick her up at noon she and I will giggle and sing and hurry home through the lovely tree lined streets of our neighborhood.  We’ll come inside and make fresh pizza because that is awesome fun.  We’ll watch a movie of our choosing and when that’s over we’ll read books, sing songs, play puzzles and probably play dress up (which will result in me looking like a gypsy fortune teller… it always does).

And then at some point the carefully constructed veil will be shredded and her tears will flow hot and heavy down her face, soaking my chest and shoulder as her tiny frame sobs with abandon.

Today, Nana flew home.

As I type this she’s probably in Denver waiting for her next flight.  K got up at 4:40 AM to say goodbye to her.  We sat with her at the dining table and laughed and talked and then there were hugs and kisses goodbye.  Mike drove her to the airport and then I took K in my room to curl up.  We read a couple of chapters of a book (just like bedtime) and then snuggled into my huge bed with fluffy blankets and pillows and tried to go to sleep.

Every time I started to drift away to the land of dreams she had something to say.  She couldn’t sleep. Her stomach hurt.  Could she have a drink of water?  Was it time to get up?

Before I knew it Mike was home from the airport and my mom’s flight was in the air.  When K asked me if she could go watch TV I said yeah, sure, of course you can.  Mike got ready for work and I went back to sleep.  The first thing I remembered when I woke up was K’s question last night.  A favor she asked me right before she went to sleep…

“Mama, can we just play tomorrow and not talk about it?  That Nana went home?”

Of course.  We don’t have to talk about it…  until she starts to cry and tell me how unfair the world is.  But until that happens it’s going to be all fun all day.

My bet is it happens before dinner.

6 thoughts on “all fun all day… and it’ll all end in tears

  1. NanaKaos says:

    I was very sad to leave and cried my-own-self. It is one of the hardest things I have to do, when it is time to go home. But, the house isn’t selling. It is a beautiful home, but nobody wants it, and we are not going to give away.

    I miss K’s morning visits and deciding which “project” we are doing today. I even miss the pout she gets into so easily. I think I miss the “good night Nana” hugs and kisses most of all.

    We are ready to move, but the planets just won’t align. I hope they get their stuff together soon. Lots O’ love.

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