clean up special

I’ve been cleaning out my office space instead of writing, in celebration of that I thought I would reach into one of these two huge file folders filled with poetry and share one from 1996:

And drowsy
wishing for that
half sleep
I wait for what will come
to take me away
as I know
the two hours I slept last night
in someone else’s arms
were not enough
and can never replace
all the hours I could spend
wrapped in my sheets
like mythology
in my own world
never knowing who I am
or caring
because there I can fly.

2 thoughts on “clean up special

  1. adam says:

    I was sitting here, sadly not contemplating poetry and the meaning of life, but actually trying to remember what the heck I was doing in 1996. In honor of that memory, I will compose a little poem of my own:

    I’m in college now
    there is no roll call
    if I don’t show up for class
    the teacher don’t give a shit.
    now I have an f.

    Ok, not exactly poetic, but such is the case of a JC drop out I guess.

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