It’s entirely possible that what I’m about to write is one of those things that will completely disqualify me from ever being mother of the year, but it’s true so I think I’ll go ahead and tell you anyway.

This part of Christmas… the part I’m in the midst of RIGHT NOW as I type out these words at 10:46, this part is my favorite.

My daughter is in bed fast asleep and dreaming off all the goodies she was gifted with, my lovely man is in the kitchen cleaning up, he and I have already had our traditional Christmas fight and are back to the cuddly loving comfort we normally enjoy in non holiday times, the presents have all been wrapped and torn to shreds, relatives have been visited and are through visiting, I’m in my big comfy bed with a martini and a movie and though I know that my whole family is well and happy, they’re all out of my hair.

The rich foods have been eaten.  The holiday songs are done.  No one will beg to open presents. No friends are coming to call.  My daughter will likely sleep in tomorrow.

I’m happy and calm and though it was one hell of a day full of ups and downs, I know it’s over.  At least until next week when we have to combine New Years and Mike’s birthday, but that’s a whole different jar of holiday insanity.

I can sit back now with a little peace of mind and tell you all that I truly hope you’ve had the happiest of holidays, your dreams came true and that like me, you can find something simple to make it all worth while.

Happy holidays, babies.

5 thoughts on “disqualified…

  1. Aaron says:

    I hope you all had an excellent Christmas. And I think that admitting little realities like this would *help* qualify you for mother of the year rather than those fantasy nonsensical people who claim that everything is always wonderful.

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