because I really need a new post…

I was hoping that by the time I posted again everyone here would be all healthy and shiny but the facts can not be ignored.  I’ve still got this awful cold like thing.  It’s clinging to me.  Nestling in my chest and making me feel like hell.  I have hope that I’ll be able to speak for more than 10 minutes by Friday.

It’s not just me though… K is now in the throws of crud too.  You see she was feeling punky on Saturday but by Sunday she was up and at em…  Today though sees her in bed with a fever surrounded by a motley crew of stuffed animals she’s teaching to read…

So if this post isn’t going to be about being sick… it’s going to be about being precious.  Either topic is sure to nauseate the general populous but since this blog is about the days of my life… what else am I to write about this week?

Oh strike that… she just ceased to be precious and charming and has moved to pouty grouchy sicky ouchy 7 year old mode… She just proclaimed that this is the worst day of her life.  That it’s POOOOOOPIE and UCKY and AWFUL and NOT FAIR… but she quickly passed back into sweet and wonderful by proclaiming that it would all be better if she could just snuggle with me.  Of course that means her entire “class” of stuffed animals is coming too.  I better make some room on the bed.

I’ll just be back when we’re both feeling better…

6 thoughts on “because I really need a new post…

  1. Sybil Law says:

    You throw crud at K?! Hmm… must think on that topic…. I like it…
    Hope y’all are better by tonight!! It’s rainy here, so a good day snuggling in bed would be heavenly.
    Minus the stuffed animals and feverish kid, oh and the chest crap, too.
    Get better!

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