now you know I mean business…

we’ve struggled over the last few years to carve out an office space for me in the house.  It’s moved around a lot.  I’ve given it up twice to do things with space I thought was more important.

Little known fact:  Our recording studio used to be two rooms.  Well a room and a half.  That half room was set aside for me.  I was going to get a little couch and a table, throw some curtains up to soften the cement walls in the basement and it would have been a quiet and lovely little space for me to chill out and call my own.  To write.  To dream.  To relax away from whatever “stresses” may exist for me.

But I thought it would be a better use of space to tear down the wall and increase the size of Mike’s office so that we could have room for him to play music & record our podcast.  Two years later and Mike isn’t playing music in there, I’m not using it as a workspace and we’re recording podcasts and using that dark little space (lit up like a landing alien vessel) to brain storm, talk, plan and make some significant changes. Seriously.

And I’m working from?  My bed.  As always.


90% of the work I do that is not actively doing something, I do from my bed.  It’s particularly nice when winter sets in and I switch out my Spring and Summer linens and get to haul out my giant velvet comforter.    But no more.

Writing from my bed puts a very emotional spin on everything I do.  Which for my writing I don’t think is a bad thing, but there are times when the best way to go is to not get emotional.

So my goal is to have my loft office space gutted, cleaned out and ready for use by the end of next week.  If you know me you’ll know I’m not one for resolutions or new year’s goals.  I believe we should be doing what needs to be done now not bending our lives around an arbitrary change on the calendar… that being said, if you know me you probably also know that clutter seems to have taken over my fucking life lately so I’m totally willing to give myself an extra week to get my office space set back up.

I have a feeling I’m going to need my desk next year

5 thoughts on “now you know I mean business…

  1. jnpdx says:

    We moved this year and I ended up with an office/studio in the new apartment. Still need to find a house though, so I can actually make as much noise as I want with the music.

    Hooray for productivity!

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