for matty…

It's strange to me sometimes as the parent of an only child, to watch K's interactions with me, her father, her friends, my friends, the world.  I was never an only child.  On the day I was born my brother was nearly three and quite happy being an only child.  I could regale you with … Continue reading for matty…


Two days before I left on my trip to Austin my mother flew in from the Midwest.  She came for two reasons, both greatly appreciated.  My trip was very close to my daughters birthday, for which my mom comes into town each year anyway.  But the timing, the early arrival was due to the fact … Continue reading mothered


Aside from a few common physical characteristics that we share, I often find my daughter's similarities to me to be among her most difficult traits.  As much as I am proud of her for so willfully being her own person, it makes her a difficult child to parent especially when we're both so determined to … Continue reading likeness

Bad Parenting 101

It's 31 minutes until my child's bedtime. The big homework packet that she gets at the beginning of the week?  It sits half finished on the dining table.  She has 3 sheets of paper she's not happy with that she wants to discard and she's currently in the bathroom weeping copious and highly dramatic tears. … Continue reading Bad Parenting 101


As I greeted my daughter at school pickup she was all smiles.  Glowing.  She was proud of herself and all she'd done today, happy to be back with her friends and engaged in their current science project.  She bounced toward me and I gave her umbrella to her.  She opened it up and hand in … Continue reading umbrella