someone’s fool

Maybe it’s a complete lack of whimsy on my part, but I’m not a huge fan of April Fools day.  At all.  Having an entire day of the year where I can’t rely on what anyone says to be true, false press releases, ridiculous jokes, people telling their family they’re getting divorced when they’re not, announcing that they’re expecting a child when it isn’t so, announcing that they’re quitting, hired, accepted, rejected, releasing new makes and models of some product…

I got an email this morning that someone passed away.  I hope that wasn’t a sick joke.  I mean I don’t wish the person dead or ill, he’d been ill for a long time.   I passed that info along to a friend trusting that no one was that cruel…


I want to just hide under a rock until the whole upside down world is right side up again…. Luckily my husband is even grumpier than I am and much too busy to play any jokes on anyone… but the rest of you?  Well I’ll just choose not to believe a word that comes out of your mouths today…

Yeah, I’m all grumpy like that.

6 thoughts on “someone’s fool

  1. Rick Turoczy says:

    I find it interesting that folks who tend to be fans of Halloween–which I believe you guys are–tend to be far less into the whole April Fools’ Day thing. And vice versa, to an extent.

    I’m naturally naive and pollyanna, so I fall for every joke, every day. Today is no different. ;)

  2. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    I cannot stand it, but then I really don’t enjoy surprises much and practical jokes kinda fall in that line.

    I just thank the heavens that spring break has included April Fools’ Day the last few years; I would take the day off from teaching if it wasn’t – I say no thank you to 150+ hilarious teenage jokesters.

  3. camikaos says:

    Rick: Good point, I am a halloween lover… but that holiday isn’t about fooling people. At least it isn’t to me. It’s just a chance to dress up in something I wouldn’t get to wear everyday, throw a themed party for my family and put makeup on my podcast guests. :)

    BW, Mie, Badmom: Strength in numbers!

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