honesty is always the awkward policy

Sunday night after Mike and I went to the Calendar Signing party for the Get Naked for a Cause Calendar we stopped at his mom and dad’s house to pick up K.  It was the last day of Spring break and she had to go to school bright and early the next morning so we swooped in quickly to pick her up and get her home and tucked into bed.  Family from out of town was visiting though, family I had never met before, so we took a moment to say hello and for me to meet them.

Then we picked up our girl and whisked her out to the car.  On the way home I called in some take out for Mike to pick up and then we asked K about her visit with her grandparents.

K: We had fun.  Dinner was good but I didn’t eat it.

Me: What did you guys do?

K: ummm… talked and stuff.

Me: about what?

K: Well they asked what you guys were doing tonight.

Me: and what did you say?

K: I told them you and daddy were signing autographs because you’re in a calendar.  Mom are you famous?

Me: No.

K: Then why are you in the calendar?

Me: Because I’m geeky

K: Because you do a geeky podcast?

Me: Yep.

K: Grandma says she doesn’t know how to watch your show

Me: Well if she wants to watch it I’ll send her the link.

K: Mama?

Me: Yeah baby?

K: You’re famous and geeky huh?

Me: So tell me what you ate for dinner…

K: Maaaaaaaaama!

Kids… they always think what they want to.

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