Two days before I left on my trip to Austin my mother flew in from the Midwest.  She came for two reasons, both greatly appreciated.  My trip was very close to my daughters birthday, for which my mom comes into town each year anyway.  But the timing, the early arrival was due to the fact … Continue reading mothered

little sleeps

Every night has the same routine. That doesn't mean that every night is the same.  They all have their own special set of circumstances.  A different set of challenges.  Conversations.  A new story to read or a new chapter to begin.  The pjs change.  Sometimes the cats curl up at the foot of her bed.  … Continue reading little sleeps


Eight years ago my life changed in the most amazing way.  I met the most remarkable person.  Someone who will be tied to my heart, my life, my existence for all time.  It was eight years ago today that my beautiful daughter K was born. When I held her in my arms I didn't imagine … Continue reading eight


Aside from a few common physical characteristics that we share, I often find my daughter's similarities to me to be among her most difficult traits.  As much as I am proud of her for so willfully being her own person, it makes her a difficult child to parent especially when we're both so determined to … Continue reading likeness

and everyone

We all know that everyone dies.  It's a fact of life. The fact. It's what makes us all human.  Mortal.  Real. That doesn't make its sting any less painful.  Any less jarring.  It doesn't stop you from missing someone that you love.  It doesn't make knowing you will never see that joyous loving smile again … Continue reading and everyone