bad with names

Every one has their flaws, I have many.  One of them is that I’m bad with names.  I can meet you 6 times and forget your name, and then the grace period where I should know your name has passed and I’m too shy to ask who you are…

Also, I’m not always good at putting faces I know with names I know.  It’s happened more than once that someone I SHOULD know who they are has stopped to talk to me and I’ve looked into their eyes, examined their face, told myself that, yes yes that person looks familiar, but I still have to say “And you are?”

I’m going to cut myself some slack because those are usually people I know from these grand internets or from some tech article I read or from some one’s flickr stream.  I bonk myself on the head and laugh about it apologetically, but I can pretty much guarantee it will happen again and again.  Maybe I need a handler?

This doesn’t just apply to people though.  My mind also goes blank when it comes to movies, art pieces and music.

This morning I was reading tweets when one caught my eye.  WyattWerner tweeted “kicking off the day with Watermelon in Easter Hay.”

What an odd way to start the day, I thought.  And then it rolled around in my mind a bit.  Something about it sounded strangely familiar.  Oddly relevant.  It seemed like something that I should know… or something that I should find out about.  So I asked “@WyattWerner am I supposed to understand what watermelon in Easter hay is? Is that code for something?”

It turns out it was something I should know.  Something that was relevant.  It’s a song at the end of Frank Zappa’s Joe’s Garage album.  Not just any song though, a beautiful haunting instrumental that Mike included (an edited version) in the play list at our wedding.  I remember listening to it as I leaned against him.  I remember smiling at him, handsome in his black suit and short spiky hair.  I remember thinking it was a perfect moment.

I never knew the name of the song.  Now it’s something I won’t be able to forget.

And yeah… I totally turned a stream of tweets into a romantic memory and a blog post…  yay me.

7 thoughts on “bad with names

  1. Paul Bingman says:

    The ancient Romans had a name for that kind of handler: nomenclator. He or she would stand or sit behind their employer and whisper names and associations in their ear. “That’s @verso, you know her from Beer & Blog.”

  2. mediaChick says:

    I am the same way with names and faces and it makes me feel like a gynormous ass, too. Why can’t I remember? Sigh.

    Also…where do I apply to be Cami Kaos’ handler, and what do I get to handle?

  3. ZERILDA says:

    i am only going to talk about the handling because then you would have a hat-trick of handling comments.

    and i think you need a mnemonic device. you can get them at longs.

  4. Aleta says:

    I on the other hand, am really good with names. I never forget a face which isn’t always a good thing. My issue is that I can’t remember where I know you from just that your name is so and so and you were drinking milk the last time I saw you. Then suddenly it all snaps together. And then I usually run after you shrieking, “We went to second grade together. You used to eat paste!” Good times!

  5. 123Val says:

    This is why, my dear, I’m a BIG fan of name tags–it just makes it easier on everyone. Fortunately, I will NEVER forget your name.

  6. angel says:

    S’funny, I remember this about you from previous posts…
    I am also hopeless with song titles and remembering which actor was in which movie. It sucks when I am looking for a song to download because I dunno what the title is even if I can sing it!

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