what were you looking for – the explantion

After yesterday’s post I gave some thought to why some of those funny phrases would lead someone to my blog and today I thought I would offer you all some sound reason based logic on why these various phrases have brought people (You? maybe you?) to my site.

-psychoanalyze yourself
-Psychoanalyze Yourself real

Nothing too fun with these two. Once in a desparation for something entertaining to post I put up a myspace psychoanalyze yourself quiz thing. It was very revealing. or something.

-master of cock

I never ever used the phrase “master of cock” on my page! What kind of person do you think I am. I said cockmaster. Completely different!


I’m guessing this has more to do with my receiving and doling out the break out blogger award and less to do with the time I waded through the bowels of Alcatraz in a desperate bid for freedom.

-do tile flange kits work

This is an excellent question. Let me answer it! I don’t know yet. This search return though is obviously a product of my many posts about remodeling my bathroom.


Someone forgot my “O”. The nerve of some people!!!


Have I ever, and I mean ever in the history of my blog used the letter “T” in anything???


Someone forgot my ” “. The nerve of some people!!!

-water barer tattoo

I don’t have a water barer tattoo. Why? Did someone say I did? THEY lied!

-personal website naked

I don’t have one of those. Do you?

-is there really a santa claus letter

I feel completely qualified to answer this question. Yes there is a Santa Claus letter. More than one in fact. Kids all over write them every year, so there must be at least a hundreds by now.

-tiki clocks

I have one. It’s lovely. It was a gift. It is MINE. You get your own.

-i fucked tiki

I did not. That would hurt, and besides I love and respect Tiki too much for that to happen.

-stitches in my face

I don’t have stitches in my face anymore. They were put in and then taken out nearly a year ago.

-reindeer santa preschool

Oh come on, I have just NO idea why this is here! Did I once mention reindeer, santa and preschool in one post? Yes, and I already linked it up there….

-kaos bongs

I don’t do that anymore… but oh for the days of a big bag of salty cashews and a 6 pack of pepsi while I zoned out to watch Buffy….

Well then, it looks like we’ve had a little glimpse into how these things show up in google searches. I hope you all enjoyed it…

Now I’m off to eat some soy sausage and drink my Cherry Coke…. Which makes me wonder why I don’t come up in any google searches for Cherry Coke. I really should, shouldn’t I?

11 thoughts on “what were you looking for – the explantion

  1. sybil law says:

    Did I ever tell you that a friend of mine from high school makes glass bongs for a living and is a millionaire? True story. Wonder if he has a kaos bong! I will have to find out – or suggest that as a new name for one!

  2. Troy says:

    I’ll stop telling everyone that you have a “water-barer” tattoo. I feel so embarassed.I, however, accept no responsibility for “personal website naked.”

  3. Mr. Kaos says:

    “Lindy said… did you know that according to Wiki Warren Buffet drinks about 5 cherry cokes a day- you’re in good company.”Damn, Lindy beat me to it! I heard this on CNBC about 2 weeks ago and was going to tell you this. He also eats a lot of cheeseburgers (he should invest in Burgerville).

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