history of words…

I remember starting this blog in November 2006.  I remember the following months.  How I learned as much about myself as I learned about others. I was able to reach out and interact with a giant community of people with whom I shared some common trait.  People throughout the world sharing their thoughts through words.  … Continue reading history of words…

used to

I used to post every day, come rain or shine, good days and bad.  There was a time that I was incredibly committed to ensuring that something new was here every day.  It wasn't a commitment to you.  To the internets.  To this blog.  It was a commitment to me.  To take some time, even … Continue reading used to

back it

In July of last year a dear friend of mine decided to follow her bliss.  Her vision.  Her desire in life.  She decided to set aside so many other parts of her life and focus on a task that she found important to her soul, and also, to the future of on line publishing. Michelle … Continue reading back it


In the drafts folder of this blog sit so many unfinished posts...  Some are heavy and laden with meaning.  Sleep, life, love, marriage, friendship, parenting, the years passing by, vegetable gardens.  Even one about an email from a friend that suddenly found herself going through something I'd suffered through in the past. There's a post … Continue reading heavy