what were you looking for

Some recent searches that led the fine (er… questionably fine) folks of the internet here to my little corner of the blogosphere:

psychoanalyze yourself

master of cock


do tile flange kits work

Psychoanalyze Yourself real




water barer tattoo

personal website naked

is there really a santa claus letter

tiki clocks

i fucked tiki

stitches in my face

reindeer santa preschool

kaos bongs

Do you think they found what they were looking for?

And really, who fucked a tiki because I’d like to know?

11 thoughts on “what were you looking for

  1. bellevelma says:

    I’m parital to “reindeer santa preschool” myself. So uh, DOES Santa run a preschool for reindeer up there at the North Pole. Given how he treated Rudolf in the beginning, I wouldn’t be sending MY little reindeer there if I could help it.

  2. CamiKaos says:

    Kami: I often wonder how others find this out, I only know because lijit (see my side bar) sends me a weekly email and that information is among the info included.Kimberly: yupMr. Fab: I never said I wasn’t did I? Flutter: I hope not, that would HURTSybil: I’d tell you how I found your blog but I can’t say that here… too vulgar.Jo: I’m going to do an entire post next week all about my tiki stuff and tiki in general just for you.bellevalma: I’m with you, that man has not business teaching ;)BW: Scary scaryLori: Uh huhAmanda: How very right you are.

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