state of the kaos

There have been a few requests for information. For updates. Because I am so thoroughly me I have simply ignored them in an attempt to evade answering…

But soon I fear it shall not work so I will answer the bathroom question.

How is the bathroom coming along?

Not at all friends, not at all.

You see we have gone past the part which I can do on my own and delved into the world of work for Mr. Kaos.

Mr. Koas, as you may not realize has a “real job”. What some would call a “day job” though I find that term silly and unreasonable since he works in the morning and sometimes at night as well, and most certainly in the evening. And sometime in his sleep.

So as it stands we were prepared to work on the bathroom this weekend until he became very uneasy about the plumbing. So we didn’t actually do any work in the bathroom LOCATION but he did some work to get new pipes running into the bathroom and the rest of the house.

So the bathroom has a brand new tile floor, a lovely tile transition from the wood floor in the hall and grout. It has roughed in plumbing and other than that a lot of bare studs… oh and the new window.

At this rate we will have the bathroom ready when K graduates from college…. although the actual goal is to have it finished by the time the Kaos grandparents visit for Christmas (because they will not be visiting if there is only one working bathroom for 5 people, that is not ANYONE’S idea of a fun family event).

So there is your update. Don’t look for much to happen next weekend. My friend is getting MARRIED and I get to go watch like the voyeur that I am. Ooh, hot wedding action. Then the following weekend, eh, don’t look for much to happen, my cousin Mielikki is coming to visit for a long weekend and we will have better things to do than plumb and insulate and drywall and, you know bathroom what not. Like drinking and playing and writing postcards to some of her bloggy pals. Postcards scribed under much boozage from my very own house. Possibly from the very table at which I now write. Because it isn’t enough that I steal a good idea, then my peeps gotta do it to.

Hmmm… You know you might have time to go cozy up to her if you want a postcard… I think you do.

With that said I am off to my facebook page to go play pirates. Arrr…… it’s addicting.

9 thoughts on “state of the kaos

  1. Celtic Rose says:

    Ahhhhh, and here I thought Mielikki was going to help with the bathroom re-do . . . Poor thing, anytime she comes to visit me, my husband offers her a garden rake or a paint brush. I have you beat though . . . we have 1 bathroom and it has been left in the middle of a re-do for almost 2 years now, sigh. Ah well.Hope you get yours finished before Christmas. Glad you were reunited with your laptap.I also glad to hear that I am not the onlyone who finds pirates addictive, arrrrrr!

  2. mielikki says:

    Must. . .stumble. . .away. . .from pirates. . .before I spend the rest of my natural born life at the computer bombing people in hopes of stealing their dubloonsarrrrr

  3. Corey~living and loving says:

    I just joined face book also…..I think I will steer clear of this pirates you are talking about. I already have too many things NOT getting done around my house.

  4. landismom says:

    OMG, I made a list of things that need done around our house today, and it must have 50 items on it. I’m wondering if it wouldn’t just be easier to sell it, and go back to apartment living…

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