fight the good fight…

Today is probably not gonna be pretty.

Soon everyone in the house will shower and use the bathroom in preparation for the big water shut off of August.

In honor of this even I am going to share with you e-mail I exchanged with a good friend (and neighbor) yesterday:

CK to I: Hey, in a very exciting visit to the basement last night Mike discovered that there is yet another in a long line of leaks. Excitement! This means that he will be turning off the water tomorrow so I was wondering if you guys are going to be around if K or I really needed to use the bathroom could we use yours?? And on the really AWFUL chance that Mike doesn’t have the water back up by Sunday can we maybe borrow your shower.

Old houses are fun!


I to CK: (Okay, actually I feel like it is an invasion of her privacy to send you the bit that she wrote… I didn’t realize I would think that until I began to paste it, but um… yeah, I feel like it is creepy. Basically she said we could just have a key because she is that good a friend and understands that when Mr. Kaos rips something out he gets down with it).



A couple of you have sent me links to your DL postcards… if any more of you want to post them let me know and I will link them up too… On the flip side if you want to see the postcards I sent to others check out the link to your right.

Hopefully when Mike is done withe the fixing of the plumbing we will not have these issues anymore… it is all the old stuff that leaks… the new stuff seems to be holding tight. (crossing my fingers toes and hair)

9 thoughts on “fight the good fight…

  1. mielikki says:

    Oh my.Henceforth, this day shall be known as “The day without water.” (or plumbing.)Well I am off to birthday party land. I think.

  2. flutter says:

    when Mr. Kaos rips something out he gets down with itDoes it mean that I am really wrong in the head that this made me love your family, even more?

  3. bellevelma says:

    Very nice neighbor. When we had a few plumbing problems when I was a kid, my dad set up a BUCKET in the bathroom. WHY didn’t they just call a neighbor? WHY?

  4. Daveman says:

    Kaptain Kaos seems to be a jack of all trades! Does he work for food? If so I got a 10×16 building that needs blocked and leveled and remodled – AND – I just happen to have a couple cans of beany weenies on hand ;-)OH! And you all can use my bathroom anytime. Although I really doubt you could make it to HawgTown Arkansas before the old bowels give way. PS – thanks for the official invite. It was getting cold outside. err.., hot I mean. *grin*

  5. julie says:

    It’s good to have someone to count on for a shower. And all those postcards are damn funny. It kind of comes across as a collective warning about Disneyland…

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hey CK.I got my postcard and it’s hilarious.I am still blogless but when I am back up and running properly I will be posting your card, and doing that meme you got me with about a week ago.You can use our bathroom anytime too.

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