post it….

In the grand tradition of my family I am offering up drunken post cards to the masses.What? Drunken Postcards? Surely not!No really, post cards are to be had, and since my cousin is the one responsible for them getting mailed they're certain to get out in a timely manner.The situation is this, my cousin Mie … Continue reading post it….

state of the kaos

There have been a few requests for information. For updates. Because I am so thoroughly me I have simply ignored them in an attempt to evade answering...But soon I fear it shall not work so I will answer the bathroom question.How is the bathroom coming along?Not at all friends, not at all.You see we have … Continue reading state of the kaos

to do

It's idea thief & consumer whore all rolled into 1 little bundle... the bundle of me.A while back Mr. Fab wrote his dear readers sick and twisted post cards. I did not receive one. No postcard for little miss CamiKaos. Ignored. Unloved. Dejected.Of course in all fairness I didn't ask for one or give him … Continue reading to do