at the carwash…

or… the weekend that Cami flaked a lot…

Thursday night I started to feel kind of bad. Not down in the dumps bad (that was still to come) but coughing achy bad. Fearing the worst I looked at my schedule for the next day. It was Friday which is easily my busiest day of the week regularly with so much to do before the weekend plus recording an episode of Strange Love. This Friday was extra crazed though. In addition to my late night recording schedule and my many things “to do” I was also supposed to get up early to go watch dreamtattoo as she recorded a tv spot and then in the afternoon K had a friend coming over for a play date.

Something had to give… sadly it was the tv show. I called Missburrows (who had kindly volunteered to pick me up and take me to the studio) and I flaked. I was sad about it but I knew I had made the right choice at once because I began to breath a little easier. I finished the few things I needed to do, drank some soothing tea and then curled up in a little ball to go to sleep.

I was hoping the little bit of extra sleep I got would help to get me through.

I was right, Friday turned out to be a crazy day. Crazy and fun, and a great send off into what promised to be a very fun weekend! I talked way too much, ate much too much sushi and stayed up a whole lot longer than I should have, but it was all in good fun.

Enter Saturday. Let’s just say that promises are easily broken… especially vague promises made by fun Friday. By the time Saturday was over I was exhausted, disappointed, stressed and freaked out.

Topping the list of things that freaked me out was that I had forgotten to refill my blood pressure medication. This ordinarily wouldn’t have been a big deal except that my forgetting to refill it coincided with it expiring so when I called it in Saturday morning (after taking my last pill) I was nicely reminded by the pharmacies computerized phones system (I like to call it Billy) that I had no refills remaining and they would contact my doctor for permission to refill it.


It happens every year so I don’t know why I was so stunned, but stunned I was.

I pushed the button to speak to the pharmacist (since I had just taken my last pill and I knew my doctor wouldn’t respond to them on the weekend). As soon as a real live person answered they hung up on me.

I almost cried. It was my own fault that I hadn’t refilled it…

Did I mention the really serious case of PMS I was nursing?

So I took a deep breath, called back and explained the situation and was quickly put at ease. For certain types of medication they’re allowed to dispense an emergency supply (three days). I’m guessing since my blood pressure meds don’t do anything FUN they fell into that category.

I sighed in relief and went about the rest of my day where little things continued to go wrong. I made a point of taking K out for gelato in the afternoon and taking some quiet time for myself… but more was to go wrong.

A leak.

Not a leak that was going to cause us to wear hip waders in the basement but a leak that wasn’t going to allow us to use the bathtub in our one working bathroom… and I still had a floor to install in the other bathroom so showering in there? Kind of out of the question.

I once again picked up the phone to flake on our very good friends. This time I had the pleasure of flaking on their answering machine… guilt ensued. We were supposed to head to the Jazz Festival at Cathedral Park late Sunday morning. Some time in the sun with good friends and good music was just what I needed to end the weekend but the weekend wasn’t working out as planned.

A time later the lovely and patient Martin (Mr. Burrows for those of you NOT in the know) called me back and offered us whatever we needed, even a place to stay. Mr. Kaos briefly considered accepting that offer, quitting his day job and moving into their guest room… In the end we decided just to buck up and get our work done.

We ate leftovers for dinner and turned to bed uncommonly early and then slept and slept and slept. K got nearly 12 hours of sleep and Dr. Normal and I got a little more than 10. We woke refreshed and ready to start our day…

I wasn’t looking forward to a thing.

Suddenly I was burdened by the fact that we couldn’t even get started on our remodeling and plumbing work until we went to pick up my emergency supply of medication, filled our water bottles, gone grocery shopping and filled the car with diesel.

There was much dread, until…

Until Dr. Normal said we needed to go to the car wash.

The car wash!


There’s something about the car wash that seems to make everything a little better, any day a little brighter.

Suddenly I found myself in the car inside a wonderful world of scrubbers and bubbles watching my daughter smile and then recoil in shock just as I did as a kid in the car wash… just as I still do. Suddenly I was excited. Grateful that I was able to get blood pressure meds to tide me through, relieved that the pharmacy was right next to where we fill our water bottles, excited at the thought that the grocery store we were stopping at might have the Bubble Gum ice cream I had been longing for and overjoyed at our stop at New Seasons for loose leaf teas and a quick healthy lunch…

It’s amazing what one car wash will do.

and again…

The health level in the house of Kaos is much higher today. K is singing sea shanties to her Legos at the dinner table so she is probably feeling great….

I’m doing much better than I was earlier in the week, so much better in fact that my brief post here is being written as I take a momentary pause in researching some tiling information because….

are you ready for it?

…the minor (and I stress MINOR) cosmetic remodel of our 2nd bathroom is likely to begin soon.

after all… Mr. Kaos already got my new toilet…

puppy love…

I would like to say first and foremost to Mr. Kaos if he is reading this: I know we aren’t going to get one. Honey don’t worry, you won’t come home to find one. I DO know how crazy and busy things are and that another living being is the very last thing that we need right now… However honey, I can not promise that my love and need for something to take care of won’t drive me to talking to myself (more than normal) or dismantling bathroom parts (which I may or may not have already dismantled because I am being driven crazy by them).

Moving on shall we?

I think it was about this time last year that I got it in my head that I desperately needed a puppy. Lets just say that my darling and very practical husband did not share this same vision.

(don’t tell him I said this, but about this stuff, he is often smarter than I am)

So today I did something stupid.


I went up to the website for the Oregon Humane Society and looked at puppies.

Stupid I know.

I would show you the picture of the puppy I found and fell in love with but then I would be forced to look into his big soft pouty puppy eyes… I can’t do that. I need to get a parental control program and block any sites that may have pictures of puppies…

that’s right. NO PUPPY PICTURES.

But then, then I did something smart… I went back and read the post I wrote last year when I came to terms with the fact that we were not yet ready for a puppy and saw that things in my household are not any different now… so the puppy having…

it will be shelved once again.

but I swear I’m gonna go rip out a sink or something.

the crazy one

Everyone always (and I do mean always) thinks that of the two of us (Mr. Kaos and I) I am the crazy one. There seems to be no doubt about it…

I would like to raise some doubt here babies.

We all know that I adore Mr. Kaos.

He actually worries that I discuss the love of him too much here and it may be a big bore, perhaps he would rather I talk about my love of consumer goods or my blogland girl loves more…

I’ve gotten off track, as I was saying we all know I love Mr. Kaos but I am just a little tired of everyone thinking that I am the crazy one.

We are at least equally crazy, though I would contend that he is crazier…

You’re wondering if I have anything to back this up aren’t you?

You’re thinking to yourself “She’s just saying that because she’s the crazy one… how could that lovely man be crazier than Cami?”

It’s alright, I understand how you feel… but really he is crazy.

Exhibit A: He is married to me.

but that is not what I’ve come to talk about.

Exhibit B: Early this afternoon I called my mom to check on them and make sure they were settling in okay (they flew home yesterday). I spoke with her for a few moments with K yelling over me “I LOVE YOU NANA!!!! TELL NANA I LOVE HER!!!”. When the conversation came to it’s natural end I hung up. The hang up coincided nicely with Mr. Kaos entering the room. He had been downstairs doing… things… whatever he does down in his studio, creating music, staring at things, thinking deep thoughts, fixing things for his wife and daughter…

I smiled at him thinking he was ready to be social and then the following phrase escaped his lips: “You aren’t going to believe this”

What wasn’t I going to believe??!!! I couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to believe something. I adore the unbelievable… what could it be? I couldn’t guess so I peeked out the window thinking there would be something I wouldn’t believe out front of the house. Nope nothing…

So I looked to Mr. Kaos and asked “What won’t I believe?”

He told me “I’m going to rip out that wall”

“That wall” is a reference to a wall in the basement that has separated an incredibly small space that was slated to be my art studio from his much larger but still not big at all music studio.

For years he insisted I had to have that small studio space so I could have a space of my own… only after trying it for a month or two I found I never used it. It was much too small. There was no room to do anything except use my computer and since I have a laptop I can do that anywhere I want…. why bother doing it in the cold basement?

So all the time he’s spent trying to get me to make the room my own, I’ve spent trying to convince him to knock out the wall between the two rooms so that he would have a nice sized music studio. It seemed we would be at a standstill forever…

Until just a couple of hours ago…

What makes him crazy is that he just went back to work from a vacation when he did nothing relaxing at all, my mom and dad just left and were here for three weeks and there hasn’t been time to do anything except sleep for 8 hours and that man is already ready to press forth on another remodeling project…

He was wrong about something though; I totally did believe it.

the snake

A stop has to be put to Mr. Kaos and his remodeling insanity.

See, mom and dad are here.

You know? DaddyKaos and Nana. They’re in my house RIGHT NOW.

Can you imagine a house full of the Kaos family? It is here.

So this morning I get home from dropping K off at school to find my mom sitting at the table.

Mr. Kaos is getting ready for a meeting (yes a meeting for his work that he is on vacation from) and my dad is no where to be seen.

Because he was up stairs engaging our toilet (the one we didn’t spend 8 months replacing) in a battle of the wills.

He got it to flush.


But it is slow. And fickle.

It required mighty plunging. And then the snake. Snaking. (though we aren’t sure it was very effective).

Mr. Kaos came up to check on us (my dad and I trying to snake the toilet together… family unity and all that) and when he saw things weren’t going as well as they could he made one suggestion: Should we put in a new toilet for Christmas?

We have to stop him

on the calendar

Yesterday was a CRAZY and I do mean crazy whirlwind of a day.

I finally got around to grouting the shower, K had a birthday party to go to, I ran out of grout with only 1/10th of the job left to do.


In a big rush Mr. Kaos hopped in the car and zipped over to Grandmother’s House of All Things Home Improvement Related to pick up an extra bag of grout.

K hurriedly readied herself to go to the party and Mr. Kaos, who is quite courteous, realized they would be late… like an hour late as the party was 30 minutes away, called the birthday girl’s mom to let her know.

He got the answering machine.

He left a message and rushed home. He gave me the grout and got ready to go. Just as he was preparing to walk out the door 30 minutes after the party started my phone rang.

I glanced at my caller ID and saw something odd.

It was the birthday girl’s mom.

Calling from her house.

Which is 30 minutes from where the party was.


I answered the phone curiously.

Hey she said.

Hey I said.

How you doing she asked

I’m alright I replied

Party is tomorrow she informed me

Really? I had it in my head it was today I told her

Nope, tomorrow. Mike leave yet? She asked

Nope. I said

See you tomorrow she asked

See you tomorrow I said.

Okay, so yesterday should have been super crazy. Instead, I am.

the bathroom remodeled… ish

After months and MONTHS of work on our bathroom I am finally able to announce that we are close enough to finished to unveil some of our hard work in the form of photos.

Let’s start with the floor which desperately needs to be cleaned, it still has debris from all the work we have done since it was installed…

See that wood floor? I did not put that in. See that tile floor with the black tile transition strip and all that pearl gray grout? I did put that in. All by myself. Mr. Kaos watched me and handed me the occasional tile… okay, he helped a little more than that by cutting a few tiles for me too. I’m super happy with how it turned out.

But you didn’t want to see that floor. I mean jeez… what is there to a floor? Only several days of hard work sanding, leveling and thin setting then tiling and finally grouting and cleaning.

That’s nothing right?

Lets move on to the sink. We bought it at the store. It is a sink. You know a sink. Originally though we had chosen a gorgeous wooden base that would have brought a lot of warmth and a little storage to the room, but we realized there would be nowhere to put knees as one sat on the toilet so we had to use the pedestal instead. Aren’t the fixtures lovely though? Mr. Kaos did a bang up job installing this all by himself. I helped a bit with getting the taps hooked up but I was probably a little in the way, I just wanted to be part of the process.

The shame of that picture is that you can’t see all the work that went into the sink behind the scenes. That was ALOT of plumbing work and an entire missing wall. But still, that’s no big thing right? Let me give you a sneak peak at something that still isn’t finished…

The Shower. Did you guys see what the shower used to look like?

No, no you didn’t… I never posted a picture because it was just too…. well it was pink. And generally I like pink. I have a pink bicycle. But these tiles were pink mottled square tiles that were kind of crooked and very ugly.

Not anymore.

Though I haven’t had the chance to grout it yet I thought I would let you all take a peek at my sleek white subway tile and black cap. It’s the same black tile I used to transition to the hardwood floor in the hallway. Soon the shower will have the same pearl gray grout as the floor and there won’t be a screen sitting in it (that will go back in the window. Really!). Then after the holidays we’ll have the tub re finishers come out to make our comfy old tub look like new.

But like I said, the tile isn’t done yet because it still needs grout, and I am not showing you the window which needs another set of trim and some paint, and the baseboards need a coat of paint too. And I haven’t put in the art or the toilet paper holder or the towel wrack or any of that.


For a bathroom that’s finished there’s still a lot of work to do.

But not on my light. We bought this light for the house before we even closed on our house over 3 years ago. It’s one of the only things to find its way back into the bathroom. I love this light and unlike most of the other things in the room it is completely finished (except that we haven’t put the switch plate cover back on, but that’s on the other wall and you can’t see it so that doesn’t matter right??)

But I know the real reason you’re all here… you want to see this:

Isn’t it beautiful? Let me tell you about it, it’s a TOILET, and it flushes. Not only does it flush but it flushes the first time you try to flush it and then… you won’t believe this but after you flush it you can just close the lid, wash your hands and walk out. you don’t have to jiggle the handle or open up the tank to fix a chain or pray to the toilet gods and make a virgin sacrifice or anything. It just does its job. Did you know they made toilets like this????

It’s a thing of beauty and it is done. Finished. Complete.

If only I could say the same for the rest of the house…

more work

I wanted to let you all see a picture of the bathroom at our current in process stage…

I’m a nice person.

I wanted to share.

To give you a sneak peek.

So that on Monday you have something spectacular to look forward to.

The tile is close to done. Mr. Kaos is going to do base boards this morning.

We’re really almost there.

You wanna see it?

….. Mr. Kaos says no. He says you have to wait until we’re done.

He’s such a tease.

did you miss me?

Did you miss me?

Did you notice my complete and total absence from the mighty land of interwebs???

Oh okay, I wasn’t really GONE gone. I was so totally here. Sneaking and peaking and doing naughty things with your lawn ornaments…

I read some blogs, listened to some shows but more importantly I did get some work done around here… and for every BIT of work I got done the Mr. got a LOT of work done. And we ate sushi.

And while I intended to say we didn’t freaking barbecue, not a weekend goes by that I don’t toss something good on the grill so, yeah, we did a little bit of that too.

So you must all be thinking that I have a toilet in my main floor bathroom now right? Isn’t that what I was doing this weekend? Installing a toilet… Well Mr. Kaos is sitting in bed next to me, I on my laptop and he on his (sexy isn’t it?) lets ask him if there is a toilet in the main floor bath and see what he says… hold on I want to quote him exactly:

“Why are you asking me that? That’s not fair. What the hell is your problem? Don’t do something funny about it, we’re working really hard on that thing you know what I’m sayin?”

That is an exact quote.

As you may have guessed there is not a toilet (or a sink) in my bathroom. There is however a great place for the toilet to sit.

You see we had to get the drywall in before we put in the toilet… but in order to get the drywall hung we really needed to solve a problem with the vent…

This is what it’s like having an old house.

We had to fix the vent issue because once the drywall was hung we wouldn’t have access to the ducts… and if we don’t have duct access we certainly can’t fix the vent…


Makes sense?

It should. Cause we spent the weekend doing it. And installing a vent thing too.

Tomorrow… into each life a little music must fall…

spooks, construction and vacation…


A few months ago I shared a story with all of you about a house that Mr. Kaos and I toured in our search for this home. It was a favorite post of mine and all true so naturally when I saw Jo Beaufoix answer the question ‘Do you believe in ghosts?’ which was asked by David McMahon I chimed in by sending her the link about the somewhat unnerving experience I had there.

Since a few people have popped through from Jo’s blog and from David’s I thought I would ask all of you to read this post today and share your thoughts if you haven’t already. It’s an interesting thread David has started and I’ll be following along with his blog, it seems as though he asks a new question each week. You can bet I’ll be answering them here and there.


Not the hammering, nailing, wrench using kind. The type type clicky type kind. I had to fix a few problems here on Mommified Me last night. I think everything is up and running but this morning we had a fun little adventure in missing header land. If any of you notice anything is askew or if you are missing from my “Alphabetical Blog Love” list just let me know…

construction and vacation…

And this time I do mean the hammering, nailing, wrench using kind. We are trying to make a surge on some of the work to be done in the bathroom this weekend. Now that Mr, er, Captain Kaos has gotten the plumbing well in hand (ooohhh that sounds quite naughty doesn’t it?) we can press forth with the bathroom work. Because it has only taken what, 16 years so far?

Because of this I will be taking a little mini vacation from blogland. I will be setting old posts I am fond of for you to read Saturday, Sunday and Monday…

Back to CamiKaos live on Tuesday morning… I’ll miss you…