and again…

The health level in the house of Kaos is much higher today. K is singing sea shanties to her Legos at the dinner table so she is probably feeling great....I'm doing much better than I was earlier in the week, so much better in fact that my brief post here is being written as I … Continue reading and again…

the crazy one

Everyone always (and I do mean always) thinks that of the two of us (Mr. Kaos and I) I am the crazy one. There seems to be no doubt about it...I would like to raise some doubt here babies.We all know that I adore Mr. Kaos. He actually worries that I discuss the love of … Continue reading the crazy one

the snake

A stop has to be put to Mr. Kaos and his remodeling insanity.See, mom and dad are here.You know? DaddyKaos and Nana. They're in my house RIGHT NOW.Can you imagine a house full of the Kaos family? It is here.So this morning I get home from dropping K off at school to find my mom … Continue reading the snake

more work

I wanted to let you all see a picture of the bathroom at our current in process stage...I'm a nice person.I wanted to share.To give you a sneak peek.So that on Monday you have something spectacular to look forward to.The tile is close to done. Mr. Kaos is going to do base boards this morning.We're … Continue reading more work

did you miss me?

Did you miss me?Did you notice my complete and total absence from the mighty land of interwebs???Oh okay, I wasn't really GONE gone. I was so totally here. Sneaking and peaking and doing naughty things with your lawn ornaments...I read some blogs, listened to some shows but more importantly I did get some work done … Continue reading did you miss me?