the crazy one

Everyone always (and I do mean always) thinks that of the two of us (Mr. Kaos and I) I am the crazy one. There seems to be no doubt about it…

I would like to raise some doubt here babies.

We all know that I adore Mr. Kaos.

He actually worries that I discuss the love of him too much here and it may be a big bore, perhaps he would rather I talk about my love of consumer goods or my blogland girl loves more…

I’ve gotten off track, as I was saying we all know I love Mr. Kaos but I am just a little tired of everyone thinking that I am the crazy one.

We are at least equally crazy, though I would contend that he is crazier…

You’re wondering if I have anything to back this up aren’t you?

You’re thinking to yourself “She’s just saying that because she’s the crazy one… how could that lovely man be crazier than Cami?”

It’s alright, I understand how you feel… but really he is crazy.

Exhibit A: He is married to me.

but that is not what I’ve come to talk about.

Exhibit B: Early this afternoon I called my mom to check on them and make sure they were settling in okay (they flew home yesterday). I spoke with her for a few moments with K yelling over me “I LOVE YOU NANA!!!! TELL NANA I LOVE HER!!!”. When the conversation came to it’s natural end I hung up. The hang up coincided nicely with Mr. Kaos entering the room. He had been downstairs doing… things… whatever he does down in his studio, creating music, staring at things, thinking deep thoughts, fixing things for his wife and daughter…

I smiled at him thinking he was ready to be social and then the following phrase escaped his lips: “You aren’t going to believe this”

What wasn’t I going to believe??!!! I couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to believe something. I adore the unbelievable… what could it be? I couldn’t guess so I peeked out the window thinking there would be something I wouldn’t believe out front of the house. Nope nothing…

So I looked to Mr. Kaos and asked “What won’t I believe?”

He told me “I’m going to rip out that wall”

“That wall” is a reference to a wall in the basement that has separated an incredibly small space that was slated to be my art studio from his much larger but still not big at all music studio.

For years he insisted I had to have that small studio space so I could have a space of my own… only after trying it for a month or two I found I never used it. It was much too small. There was no room to do anything except use my computer and since I have a laptop I can do that anywhere I want…. why bother doing it in the cold basement?

So all the time he’s spent trying to get me to make the room my own, I’ve spent trying to convince him to knock out the wall between the two rooms so that he would have a nice sized music studio. It seemed we would be at a standstill forever…

Until just a couple of hours ago…

What makes him crazy is that he just went back to work from a vacation when he did nothing relaxing at all, my mom and dad just left and were here for three weeks and there hasn’t been time to do anything except sleep for 8 hours and that man is already ready to press forth on another remodeling project…

He was wrong about something though; I totally did believe it.

12 thoughts on “the crazy one

  1. Dan says:

    I hereby use my powers as a mental health professional to certify that you are bananas in the brain and your husband is officially crazy in the coconut.Hope that settles matters.

  2. bellevelma says:

    I’m sorry, I read your whole post but am fixated on this one line – since I have a laptop…I am shopping for a laptop. Do tell, what kind do you have? Do you have a macbook? Should I save up my $ to get one of those or settle for another Dell? With or without web cam?Help me here! You can send me an email!

  3. Kami says:

    Hmmmm. I like that kind of crazy. Again, do you and Mr. K want to come stay at our house and do a buncha honey-dos? Change o’ plans. I will be in OR Friday/Sat. Can you swing coffee, stiff drink, or cherry coke?

  4. CamiKaos says:

    Kami: I was just getting ready to email you!!!!! Hell yeah I can. Friday/ Saturday is so much brighter than MONDAY.Bellevelma: I will e-mail you and tell you what I did and what I think, though I think it may be chronicled on the blog somewhere… to much to search through.daddy: he’s practically sobbing… whatever will we do with all the leftover salami and jalapeño chips? Sybil: CertifiablyMie: I can’t believe how big it is… the studio I mean.Dan: That does make me feel much better.

  5. holly says:

    wow. just wow. this is a good crazy, though. and now he *definitely* needs to give lessons. first the giving-cool-gifts, then the doing-stuff-to-house. next you’re going to tell me he :a) cooks a bit;b) doesn’t shout at little k;c) drives (mine doesn’t and won’t).

  6. Deb says:

    You’ve channeled his crazy really well. My crazy exes all were crazy in the gamblin-roadie-flashback-vagabond or good ol’ bipolar way. Next crazy I want will be like Mad Ludwig crazy all the way.

  7. Bubblewench says:

    i’ve always said there was something off about him.. now I know.. he’s just nuts. Good. Holly – mine doesn’t drive either.

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