on the calendar

Yesterday was a CRAZY and I do mean crazy whirlwind of a day.

I finally got around to grouting the shower, K had a birthday party to go to, I ran out of grout with only 1/10th of the job left to do.


In a big rush Mr. Kaos hopped in the car and zipped over to Grandmother’s House of All Things Home Improvement Related to pick up an extra bag of grout.

K hurriedly readied herself to go to the party and Mr. Kaos, who is quite courteous, realized they would be late… like an hour late as the party was 30 minutes away, called the birthday girl’s mom to let her know.

He got the answering machine.

He left a message and rushed home. He gave me the grout and got ready to go. Just as he was preparing to walk out the door 30 minutes after the party started my phone rang.

I glanced at my caller ID and saw something odd.

It was the birthday girl’s mom.

Calling from her house.

Which is 30 minutes from where the party was.


I answered the phone curiously.

Hey she said.

Hey I said.

How you doing she asked

I’m alright I replied

Party is tomorrow she informed me

Really? I had it in my head it was today I told her

Nope, tomorrow. Mike leave yet? She asked

Nope. I said

See you tomorrow she asked

See you tomorrow I said.

Okay, so yesterday should have been super crazy. Instead, I am.

9 thoughts on “on the calendar

  1. mielikki says:

    at least she called! It would have been real fun if Mr. Kaos would have gotten there, and there would have been no party. . .

  2. Lisa Milton says:

    So really today, right now, is the real crazy day. We’ve had 4 birthday parties this week – it’s breaking me…

  3. The Holmes says:

    Whew, sigh of relief. It seems like I am never able to complete a home-improvement task of any significant magnitude without at least one additional unplanned trip to the hardware store for that one last thing that I don’t have but absolutely must have in order to finish.

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