spooks, construction and vacation…


A few months ago I shared a story with all of you about a house that Mr. Kaos and I toured in our search for this home. It was a favorite post of mine and all true so naturally when I saw Jo Beaufoix answer the question ‘Do you believe in ghosts?’ which was asked by David McMahon I chimed in by sending her the link about the somewhat unnerving experience I had there.

Since a few people have popped through from Jo’s blog and from David’s I thought I would ask all of you to read this post today and share your thoughts if you haven’t already. It’s an interesting thread David has started and I’ll be following along with his blog, it seems as though he asks a new question each week. You can bet I’ll be answering them here and there.


Not the hammering, nailing, wrench using kind. The type type clicky type kind. I had to fix a few problems here on Mommified Me last night. I think everything is up and running but this morning we had a fun little adventure in missing header land. If any of you notice anything is askew or if you are missing from my “Alphabetical Blog Love” list just let me know…

construction and vacation…

And this time I do mean the hammering, nailing, wrench using kind. We are trying to make a surge on some of the work to be done in the bathroom this weekend. Now that Mr, er, Captain Kaos has gotten the plumbing well in hand (ooohhh that sounds quite naughty doesn’t it?) we can press forth with the bathroom work. Because it has only taken what, 16 years so far?

Because of this I will be taking a little mini vacation from blogland. I will be setting old posts I am fond of for you to read Saturday, Sunday and Monday…

Back to CamiKaos live on Tuesday morning… I’ll miss you…

14 thoughts on “spooks, construction and vacation…

  1. david mcmahon says:

    Thank you. It’d be great if you followed the questions each week.Enjoy your mini-break and do let me know when you’re back.R E L A XKeep smilingDavid

  2. The Holmes says:

    I really like the new header. Best of luck to Mr. Kaos, I’ve been through my own plumbing hell today, so I feel for him.

  3. CamiKaos says:

    M, Fluter: Thank youBW: heeheKami: That was so creepy, and caused me to remember my second strange haunted house story, and Mr. Kaos is now begging me to write it because he thinks it is freakier.LL: ThanksDavid: I’ll be back Tuesday, maybe answering your question depending on what it is.Holmes: Thank you, I think it is my favorite thus far… oh and Mr. Kaos says that he has made plumbing his bitch.

  4. leendaluu says:

    Am quite enjoying your blog—I did read the link to your ‘scary house’ story from Jo’s and I believe every bit of it. We looked at hundreds of houses last year in search of this and some of them just felt uncomfortably, wrong. I think you made the right choice. Enjoy your break!

  5. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ahh have a good break sweetie.Looking forward to reading the posts.I’m really enjoying David’s questions too.It’s good blog fodder.Love the new header too, you look tres sassy darlink.

  6. CamiKaos says:

    Mama zen: Thank you.leendalu: Thanks, I look forward to entertaining you in the future ;) I’ll pop by to see your page when I get backjo: mwah mwah… thank you darlink…

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