puppy love…

I would like to say first and foremost to Mr. Kaos if he is reading this: I know we aren’t going to get one. Honey don’t worry, you won’t come home to find one. I DO know how crazy and busy things are and that another living being is the very last thing that we need right now… However honey, I can not promise that my love and need for something to take care of won’t drive me to talking to myself (more than normal) or dismantling bathroom parts (which I may or may not have already dismantled because I am being driven crazy by them).

Moving on shall we?

I think it was about this time last year that I got it in my head that I desperately needed a puppy. Lets just say that my darling and very practical husband did not share this same vision.

(don’t tell him I said this, but about this stuff, he is often smarter than I am)

So today I did something stupid.


I went up to the website for the Oregon Humane Society and looked at puppies.

Stupid I know.

I would show you the picture of the puppy I found and fell in love with but then I would be forced to look into his big soft pouty puppy eyes… I can’t do that. I need to get a parental control program and block any sites that may have pictures of puppies…

that’s right. NO PUPPY PICTURES.

But then, then I did something smart… I went back and read the post I wrote last year when I came to terms with the fact that we were not yet ready for a puppy and saw that things in my household are not any different now… so the puppy having…

it will be shelved once again.

but I swear I’m gonna go rip out a sink or something.

18 thoughts on “puppy love…

  1. holly says:

    i LOVE dogs. at *other* peoples houses. my house is messy enough sans puppy. how about a nice hobby? stamp collecting? macrame? no? okay.

  2. Draftnik says:

    Then, you best block my site too. What ever you don’t look-it’s thick with puppies right now. Poor sad little things that were pulled from a kill shelter, just waiting for some lover to take them home and love them, and kiss them and care for them. Delurking here in a mood to enable insanity today.

  3. For the Love... says:

    I too get puppy fever. Usually I can break it’s hold on me if I remember house training…But…If I am not careful my mind wanders down a most dangerous path. Rationalizing Road…if you will. A road that smells a little like puppy breath and is littered with signs that say things like, “It is for the kids” or “A puppy will teach the kids responsiblilty.” Did I mention that we have 3 dogs…

  4. DaddyKaos says:

    We got it yesterday also. When we left the local food store I was waiting for N to get back to the car and I looked to my left and right there, 2 spaces over was the biggest thing I have ever seen, a huge “Hooch”. He was sitting in the passenger seat of an SUV and his heat was touching the roof. When he turned to look at me my heart melted, then I saw the puppy, same breed but about the size of a large German Ghephard.Then we started the list of why we don’t want another dog.

  5. missburrows says:

    Someone should start a puppy rental service. The puppy comes housebroken, trained etc., and once the puppy is too much you get a new fresh puppy.Hmmm, while they are at it, perhaps they can make a husband rental service too.

  6. mielikki says:

    Oh, Cami.Aunt Tuna has convinced herself she wants a pug puppy. For mothers day. I will regale you with tales of her misery with potty training, and chewing. And the new carpet she thinks she also wants. . .but I love puppies, too. Adore them.

  7. Travis Erwin says:

    Someone should run a puppy rental. That way you can play and have fun with them but then when they crap on your rug and chew up you favorite CD you can take them back.

  8. Oh, The Joys says:

    Are you sure? I’ve been having the puppy love… I work from home… puppy and I could sit together, share coffee, talk…

  9. Kami says:

    C~When it rained last week the two 4 year old dogs shit on the kitchen floor and peed in the garage – because they didn’t want to get wet. Cleaning that up while Keaton screamed for his bottle – I almost came unhinged. Don’t do it. They are awesome, but take alot of freaking time and patience. When we move to PDX, I’ll let you babysit ours!

  10. CamiKaos says:

    All: I probably should have made clear that I grew up with dogs. Until I moved out of my parents house I always lived with at least 1 dog but more often we had 2. I know how much work a puppy is yet I am stupid enough to relish the day I can have one anyway. Mr. Kaos however has never had a dog.Kami: Does that mean you got it? OTJ: Hmm… yes. You share your coffee with the puppy. It will love you forever.Travis: it would take more than a little fecal matter on my rug to want to get rid of a dog.. Mr. Kaos on the other hand… mie: Aunt Tuna is wrong. She doesn’t want that. Avery: OH LOOK there you are! HI AVERY!!!!Miss Burrows: Husband rental hm? I think they call that a male escort.Daddy: Oh you know how much I want a German Shepherd… The one I saw at the Humane Society was a German Shepherd mix… his name is pluto… I could almost smell his puppy breath.For the love: ohhhh I luckily have Mr. Kaos as the very strong voice of reason… Or we would have a house full…draftnik: I LOVE DELURKING. WELCOME WELCOME… and on a side note I was dumb enough to go look at your site.. that mama dog, she is beautiful… and the puppies!!! I could eat them up. I hope they find a wonderful home. You are a good person for taking them into your home.Holly: That is how I feel about babies. haha.but no really.flutter: YES! But that is part of their charm. Especially the kinds I would get… cause with in a couple of months they’re huge and they still think they can curl up in your arms like a baby. That’s what I want. a 150 pound dog that thinks it weight 15…

  11. sybil law says:

    You are the same as last year – NUTS!But yeah – that puppy sure was cute!!!!!We’ll be getting a dog at some point, too. But not for a couple of years.

  12. bellevelma says:

    Tell you what, I will send you my dog. You can have her for free. She is 13 years old so she won’t chew up your shoes, but she does pee on the floor like a puppy. Get your puppy practice with her. She’s cute. I can send you a picture if you want. Oh, and she doesn’t shed either. She loves children and she loves to sleep.

  13. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Daphney and Diggy.That’s all I can say.I looked. You made me look. Bad Cami.I too pine for a puppy, but Mr B says no. Not for a few years at least. But oh those eyes. Sigh.

  14. mielikki says:

    Cami, my dear, darling cousin whom I love very much.MM read this post. Then, he went puppy shopping on the internet. And fell in love with some sweet, puppy eyes. He might go get her yet.And my cats? Will have a fit when he brings her over to spend the night with all of us.And I? will curse you. Then get K a puppy for her birthday. . .even if I have to fly to Portland and get THAT puppy.

  15. CamiKaos says:

    mie: I should have put up a disclaimer… And mm should comment when he reads damn it… And if you get her a puppy you’ll have to keep it at your house… Otherwise mr kaos will kill you.Jo: it seems that mr b is very much a voice of reason much like mr k. Sorry the pup eyes pained you.Bellevelma: I had a 13 year old dog… That was tough. I think tougher than a puppySyb: I think it will be a couple years for us too.

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