at the carwash…

or… the weekend that Cami flaked a lot…

Thursday night I started to feel kind of bad. Not down in the dumps bad (that was still to come) but coughing achy bad. Fearing the worst I looked at my schedule for the next day. It was Friday which is easily my busiest day of the week regularly with so much to do before the weekend plus recording an episode of Strange Love. This Friday was extra crazed though. In addition to my late night recording schedule and my many things “to do” I was also supposed to get up early to go watch dreamtattoo as she recorded a tv spot and then in the afternoon K had a friend coming over for a play date.

Something had to give… sadly it was the tv show. I called Missburrows (who had kindly volunteered to pick me up and take me to the studio) and I flaked. I was sad about it but I knew I had made the right choice at once because I began to breath a little easier. I finished the few things I needed to do, drank some soothing tea and then curled up in a little ball to go to sleep.

I was hoping the little bit of extra sleep I got would help to get me through.

I was right, Friday turned out to be a crazy day. Crazy and fun, and a great send off into what promised to be a very fun weekend! I talked way too much, ate much too much sushi and stayed up a whole lot longer than I should have, but it was all in good fun.

Enter Saturday. Let’s just say that promises are easily broken… especially vague promises made by fun Friday. By the time Saturday was over I was exhausted, disappointed, stressed and freaked out.

Topping the list of things that freaked me out was that I had forgotten to refill my blood pressure medication. This ordinarily wouldn’t have been a big deal except that my forgetting to refill it coincided with it expiring so when I called it in Saturday morning (after taking my last pill) I was nicely reminded by the pharmacies computerized phones system (I like to call it Billy) that I had no refills remaining and they would contact my doctor for permission to refill it.


It happens every year so I don’t know why I was so stunned, but stunned I was.

I pushed the button to speak to the pharmacist (since I had just taken my last pill and I knew my doctor wouldn’t respond to them on the weekend). As soon as a real live person answered they hung up on me.

I almost cried. It was my own fault that I hadn’t refilled it…

Did I mention the really serious case of PMS I was nursing?

So I took a deep breath, called back and explained the situation and was quickly put at ease. For certain types of medication they’re allowed to dispense an emergency supply (three days). I’m guessing since my blood pressure meds don’t do anything FUN they fell into that category.

I sighed in relief and went about the rest of my day where little things continued to go wrong. I made a point of taking K out for gelato in the afternoon and taking some quiet time for myself… but more was to go wrong.

A leak.

Not a leak that was going to cause us to wear hip waders in the basement but a leak that wasn’t going to allow us to use the bathtub in our one working bathroom… and I still had a floor to install in the other bathroom so showering in there? Kind of out of the question.

I once again picked up the phone to flake on our very good friends. This time I had the pleasure of flaking on their answering machine… guilt ensued. We were supposed to head to the Jazz Festival at Cathedral Park late Sunday morning. Some time in the sun with good friends and good music was just what I needed to end the weekend but the weekend wasn’t working out as planned.

A time later the lovely and patient Martin (Mr. Burrows for those of you NOT in the know) called me back and offered us whatever we needed, even a place to stay. Mr. Kaos briefly considered accepting that offer, quitting his day job and moving into their guest room… In the end we decided just to buck up and get our work done.

We ate leftovers for dinner and turned to bed uncommonly early and then slept and slept and slept. K got nearly 12 hours of sleep and Dr. Normal and I got a little more than 10. We woke refreshed and ready to start our day…

I wasn’t looking forward to a thing.

Suddenly I was burdened by the fact that we couldn’t even get started on our remodeling and plumbing work until we went to pick up my emergency supply of medication, filled our water bottles, gone grocery shopping and filled the car with diesel.

There was much dread, until…

Until Dr. Normal said we needed to go to the car wash.

The car wash!


There’s something about the car wash that seems to make everything a little better, any day a little brighter.

Suddenly I found myself in the car inside a wonderful world of scrubbers and bubbles watching my daughter smile and then recoil in shock just as I did as a kid in the car wash… just as I still do. Suddenly I was excited. Grateful that I was able to get blood pressure meds to tide me through, relieved that the pharmacy was right next to where we fill our water bottles, excited at the thought that the grocery store we were stopping at might have the Bubble Gum ice cream I had been longing for and overjoyed at our stop at New Seasons for loose leaf teas and a quick healthy lunch…

It’s amazing what one car wash will do.

8 thoughts on “at the carwash…

  1. Lilacspecs says:

    Wow, people pay for spaces on a blogroll now?Anyway, awesome teas. One day when I have a real kitchen, I plan on becoming more of a tea officianado. Glad the weekend ended well for you!

  2. Deb says:

    Oh, Car Wash Therapy. Brilliant. The rocking, flap flap flap, whoosing, spraying and full-car-hug of the machine, from which your car and all of its weary riders emerge fresh and rested. Did you get a dry? I love it when the air sucks back the droplets. I think I need a car wash too.

  3. sybil law says:

    My husband would DIE if he knew you went to a car wash! (Being the car dude, and all-knowing of paint blah blah blah.) But I have always loved them. What’s not to love?!

  4. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hee hee, I used to love the car wash when I was little. Miss M was terrified last time we went in one so I might have to wait a while but I will do it again soon. It still gives me that little rush of fear.

  5. Coach says:

    (second try)Wow, I have to find something like this for my family (wife?). Who’d a thunk it?Anyway, I had a similar medication refill emergency recently. It wasn’t HCTZ, but something more psychotropic. After wrestling with the health-insurance-mandated-mailorder pharmacy, we got a 3-day supply and life proceeded as per normal, sort of.

  6. holly says:

    cami FIRST : billy – that’s funny. SECOND : bubblegum ice cream? really? huh. never woulda thought anyone eats that. still, you have fanTAStic drink taste. but i think when you eat your bubblegum ice cream, i’m going to wear me some crocks…that’s right. THIRD : you have a very nice blog and I TOO would like to buy a link. if you could email *ME* your blog url, because i can’t remember it even though it’s at the top of the screen, then we can set up a payment plan or somethin? i am thinking you should TOTALLY charge me $1000. this is for a secondary link. i would like to continue our current free-relationship with my current blog. is this okay? i will take your silence in the affirmative. oh dang. you’re not even there! you’re doin’ diy crap. and here i am tryin’ to make you giggle a bit.

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