Some days don’t really go the way you expect them to and despite our best efforts things get derailed.  It happens with weeks, months, years and lifetimes too.

It also happens with blog posts.  Today was such a day in the land of Cami-blogging.  I was writing a lovely post entitled “prints”.  It’s a memory I have from my trip to the airport a few weeks back.  Something I couldn’t shake, that I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I got a few paragraphs in when suddenly my day took a turn in a different direction.  I no longer felt like I could do that memory justice.  All of the words I wished to lay down upon the screen echoed back hollow and unsatisfying.

After spending a good portion of my morning trying to decide what to write about I was none too pleased to find myself stopped, thwarted, derailed.

I got up and paced about.  Scratched my chin in a very thoughtful way.  Hmmmmm…. I thought to myself.  And when that did no good I decided that I would just pound these here keys and think about what it is that causes such a dynamic shift in thinking from one moment to another.  Sometimes it can be as tiny as a smile, a laugh or a nice glass of tea.  A phone call, an email or watching a neighbor walk past with their puppy.  Sometimes it’s something large and catastrophic.  Seriously.  I think the end of the world could totally impact my writing.

Sometimes though it’s just that the day has a change of pace and we have to adjust.  Correct.  Modify our thinking.  And sometimes, stop doing what we’re doing and move on to something else.

Hm…  I think I’ll go brush my long luxurious hair.  Or something.

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