Some days don't really go the way you expect them to and despite our best efforts things get derailed.  It happens with weeks, months, years and lifetimes too. It also happens with blog posts.  Today was such a day in the land of Cami-blogging.  I was writing a lovely post entitled "prints".  It's a memory … Continue reading derailed…

back it

In July of last year a dear friend of mine decided to follow her bliss.  Her vision.  Her desire in life.  She decided to set aside so many other parts of her life and focus on a task that she found important to her soul, and also, to the future of on line publishing. Michelle … Continue reading back it


I forget sometimes that writing is work because I often sit a play at it, letting the words fall from on high when they want to.  Writing is a pleasure for me.  A comfort.  A constant in a life that, though it has been happy, is often tumultuous. So sometimes one emotion, one thought, one … Continue reading musing

when cats cry

Oh what to do, what to say? Yesterday I posted about all those drafts that were saved up in my wordpress... Posts I had barely written.  Posts that were long and never concluded.  Posts that had great meaning, but I just kind of had trouble letting go of them.  The one that seemed most intriguing … Continue reading when cats cry