a vapid post about my hair…

My hair babies.

My hair my hair my hair has gotten long.  Like… long.  It’s all past my shoulders and stuff.  If I wait another month or two I could get away with the Lady Godiva long hair covering my private bits kind of thing.

Hold your horses… I said I could.  Not that I was going to.

The point is that my hair is the longest it has been in years and I am damn happy about it.  The last time we revisited my hair was in February when I finally felt like it was long again.  It’s been 6 months and I spent a few days in a humid climate and I’m convinced that made it grow like a weed.

That’s not why I called you all here today.  In the process of growing out my hair my bangs have also gotten longer and longer.  They are no longer the blunt Cami-bangs of of yesteryear.  The problem is the bangs of yesteryear have taken so many forms that I now feel compelled to sit and contemplate which ones I like best… because I think it’s time to get them cut.


Or in a few weeks.  You know.  Whenever works.

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