truly disturbing news flash…

Summer vacation is almost over.

Almost over.

I’m not sure what to do with that information.  I’ve just adjusted to the ebb and flow of summer vacation days.  We’re just getting around to a little mini trip.  I don’t want my summer vacation to be over…  but all signs point to the impeding annihilation of Summer vacation.

– My cats have gotten used to having K home and instead of running and hiding from her they’re tormenting her by playing with the small parts of her favorite toys, driving her insane.

– We’ve been to the beach once and are making plans to go again…  we always ramp up our fun towards the end of days.

– There’s a box full of school supplies sitting in K’s room.

– My mother sent a package full of clothes to K for back to school (these clothes will help her accomplish her goal of looking like an 80’s punk princess)

– We all need haircuts.

– I’m writing a post complaining that vacation is almost over.

– We’ve watched all the old X-Men cartoons.

– K and I are ready for Halloween

oh… and there’s always the little fact that it’s almost September.

7 thoughts on “truly disturbing news flash…

  1. Sybil Law says:

    Oh, yes. School starts here on Monday, and I kinda can’t wait to get it over with, but I dread the actual going. I will miss my child!

  2. DK says:

    I’m looking at from a different perspective. If all goes according to plan, in October I will get to go to the Presidents Cup Golf Tournament in San Francisco, a 15 day golf trip with a friend. We will drive and play on the way out and drive and play (as much as we can) on the way back.

  3. Hotmamamia says:

    In the ‘Burgh, this is a time for extreme excitement as it means the Steelers are back, the Penguins are heading back soon, and the poor Pirates will get another chance to limp back to Florida hoping for a new better season! IT seems MANY, MANY schools went back already! Most of ours head back the middle of next week or the following week. We even still have a few that wait until after Labor Day! I go back on Wednesday…my LAST year!

    I hope your year and K’s goes beautifully!

  4. Kathryn Martini says:

    I love a love-hate relationship with the going back to school thing. I love that my kids are not messing up my house all day and complaining that there is nothing to eat, it’s too hot, I don’t want to, I didn’t do it, Mom, she called me a brat, what are we going to do today, and most of all: Can I have a sleep-over.

    I hate the fact that I need to wake everyone up early, make breakfast, make lunches, listen to fighting about who took the brush and that’s my shirt, Mom make her give me back my shirt, can you sign this paper that is due today, I need ten dollars, can so and so come over after school and most of all: Can you drive me to school, it’s raining.

    It’s a problem.

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