for as long as it takes my iPhone to update…

This little piece of blogging gold is going to be written in the time it takes my iPhone to update.  I’m starting about a minute late so I figure that when it’s done I’ll have a minute to close up shop and if need be make a stunning summation of the post and my daily activities as of late.

Daily activities that have been largely out of the ordinary for me.

Seriously, as bad of a housekeeper as I claim to be, as much as I put off laundry and scrubbing floors…  I think in general I do a bang up job of keeping this house from falling apart.  I’m basing this on the fact that I spent Tuesday getting ready for 3 days of out of the house podcasting, running errands and clinging to my freshly on summer vacation child.  Wednesday morning I got up at the ass crack of painfully early, which for those in need of a tangible measure of time means 5:20 AM.  To be fair my alarm started going off at 5 on the nose but I was lucky that Mike chose to grab the first shower and I got a few minutes of snooze time.  From there it was go go go as we…

Oh shit that was a lot quicker than I thought!!!  My iPhone is updated and now restarting… quick let me tell you what I did.  Two full days podcasting at a conference, plus attending a wonderful story telling event, then a podcast show at an afterparty plus beer&blog and then I had to go to Whiffies and get a pie at 1 AM because that’s what you do in Portland at 1 AM when you’re hungry and you’ve just done a podcast on the top floor of the Hilton downtown (phone hasn’t started back up yet I still totally have a moment).

Today I am going to try to jam all the domestic stuff that never got done in, plus tacos which no doubt means margaritas.  Mike has to get all the editing he can into today because tomorrow is Father’s day and there’s no way he’s going to get away with that tomorrow and now my time is up.

I’ll let you know how the update is next week…  oh and pictures… xoxo

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