if only I had a mini tape recorder…

Last night right before I went to sleep I thought of a brilliant blog post.  I had it half written out in my head.  It wasn’t the meaning of the universe or anything, I wasn’t solving the worlds problems but I’m pretty sure it was witty, snarky and highly observational.  Also funny.  Let’s not forget how funny it was.

Sadly, I was too tired to write anything.  If I’d hand written it I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t have been able to read my own writing, and my computer was shut down and I didn’t feel like typing out an entire post on my iPhone…  So I willed myself to recall.  I forced myself to remember this clever post.

All I remember is that it was 1. Clever 2. Witty 3. Observational 4. Funny as all hell and 5. Had something to do with something related to bedtime.

I’m planning to work on remembering what it is before I go to bed tonight but I’m sure once I do I’ll be far too tired to write it down. Maybe I should consider getting one of those little tape recorders.

Nah, I’d probaly just leave myself horrible renditions of my favorite Tom Waits songs… Nobody needs to hear that.

I’ll just keep thinking on it, but if you ever read the best post ever here that’s clever-witty-observational-funny as hell-and-bed time related… well I thought of it last night.

Cami’s 5:06 pm Edit:  There are SOOOO many voice recorder aps for the iPhone, can anyone recommend one they like?

9 thoughts on “if only I had a mini tape recorder…

  1. Melissa Lion says:

    HAHAHA. I feel as though I have vicariously observed many things, and been amused by snarky commentary.

    I fancy I’m part of the solution, not the problem. But it’s probably the other way around.

  2. landismom says:

    I like the Evernote app for the iPhone, because it can do text + photos + voice. I am interested to see what the 3.0 version will bring though not nearly as excited as I am about cut/copy/paste!

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