I suspect the end is near…

I picked K up early from school so she could get some rest and a nice lunch and snack before the impending ballet performance Friday night.  Quiet time is key before a big ballet event.  Not only is there the whole thing about getting on stage, but there’s also makeup, hair product and a tutu.  In this case there were also ears to consider… chipmunk ears.  So like I said quiet time is key.

And how does my girl take her quiet time?  These days she takes it black, with a spoonful of Land Of The Lost.

She’s obsessed with the show.  She adores it.  At the rate of one episode a day (which is the current allowance) we’ll be out of episodes in no time.  If, once school gets out, I up her LOTL dosage to 2 episodes a day we’ll be through the series before you can say “Holy Claymation Holly”.

I don’t see that going well.  At all…

5 thoughts on “I suspect the end is near…

  1. mielikki says:

    Uh oh. If you turn her into a Land of the Lost purist (like I claim to be) she might not like the movie… I am torn over whether I will go see it or not. I spent many a Saturday morning watching, eeeeeewing over the Sleestaks, and wondering how they were ever gonna survive….

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