I am the master of that one tiny kitchen area…

Today my friends, is the last day of school.  Oh  yes.  It is.

For the whole summer.

Because I miss sleeping in and cuddly time with my brilliant beautiful child I am really looking forward to summer break.  And I’m going to enjoy it…  For about 3 weeks.  Then I may weep for the beauty of a few moments alone in my own house.

But until then I am really going to enjoy it.  Every moment of a few weeks of it.  After tomorrow at 2ish that is.

Because tomorrow I will have girl scouts running helter skelter all over my back yard (please lend me all your good anti rain thoughts… I don’t want them INSIDE my house when the back yard is clearly a better place to be).  Don’t get me wrong, I love our merry little rag tag band of Girl Scouts.  They’re wonderful.  Glorious.  Amazing.  Girls to be proud of.  They’ve accomplished so very much this year, which is why I’m throwing them this end of year celebration the day after school gets out (even though I am wicked tired and would rather just be mellow for a week).

But instead?  WE MAKE PARTY!!!

And set up a treasure hunt for them.

And will teach them to BBQ hot dogs.

And I made them Oreo Cookie Ice Cream.

Oh yeah… that’s what this post is about babies… me in the kitchen with some milk and some sugar and some vanilla an a big ol bag of cookies that I beat to a pulp and then let it all whir whir whir in the ice cream maker that I got for christmas… It’s the first time I used it.  It’s the first time that I’ve ever made ice cream.  ever. in the history of time.

And I pretty much kick ass at it right from the start.  Now lets hope I can keep myself from eating it before the girls get here.

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