in just a moment…

Do you see over there ——> (okay up there) where it says “…the life, trials and smiles of CamiKaos and family…”

See it?  Well not if you’re an RSS reader or something, but anyway that’s the tag line for this blog.  It was when I first started the blog a few years ago, then I got rid of it because I hated the thought that someone might consider me a *gasp* mommy blogger.  I kind of got over that fear when I realized that this blog is exactly what I make it.  If someone reads it and it fits their definition of a mommy blog because I talk about my family then so be it.

But the blog is about me.  And I talk about my family because?  Hello?  What do I do with my everyday life?  That’s right.  family stuff is right there at the very top of all that I do.  This week my life has been very heavy on the …and family… part.  K’s was home sick three days, Mike’s been a husband, I’ve been sick.  It’s all been home life, sleeping, snuggling, watching movies I’ve seen 700 times (except The Karate Dog, we watched that once, only once… never, again okay?).

Yes this week has been the week of my tiny little family being normal as they can be when one person works a full time + job, and two persons are sick and very nearly crazy.

But Friday is here and the sun is shining on our little pocket of Portland.  K has been ushered off to school with a cleanish bill of health, Mike is getting ready to head out the door to work, and I?  I’m just sitting here waiting for that moment just after he drives off and the 60 minutes following it.

In that time I won’t do anything, at least not anything productive.  I’ll sit and eat a leisurely breakfast, watch something on hulu and bask in the little bit of quiet that has been afforded me on this lovely Friday.

As soon as Mike is finished brushing his teeth.

5 thoughts on “in just a moment…

  1. Ceci says:

    I read some mommy blogs but I don’t know that I’d put you in that category.

    I just think of you as Cami… who’s got a side-business as mom and wife, but first and foremost, you’re you.

    This begs the question… what makes a mommy blogger???

    ANYWAY! Enjoy your little piece of heaven… I’m in my office trying to shake of the weird dreams I had.

  2. furiousball says:

    yeah, i don’t consider you a mommy blogger, but really i don’t think i read a “mommy blogger”, some are moms, but that’s not the only thing that defines them

  3. angel says:

    I have a hard time fitting anyone into a mommy-blog category unless they write exclusively about their children.
    Glad your week is back to “normal”.

  4. Lindy says:

    meh mommy bloggers suck! why aren’t we just life bloggers? Life is ever changing and being a mom isn’t the only thing that defines me.

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