because I am queen of this computer

I just made it through 100+ blog posts in my google reader.

So some of them were pictures of cats and I didn’t have to read more than a sentence…

And who cares if I just deleted a few after glancing at them and realizing how long they were…

So what if I only left a comment on one of them?

I still made it through a ton of posts including but not limited to: COOKIES of all kinds, an adorable little girl at a wedding being very tired, benches, shaved heads, blog destinations, cute cats, someone feeling poorly, Portland tech happenings, my own posts, purchased houses, Oscar parties, someone near turning 39, a movie review, a vibrator related injury, rainbows (one on a wall and one in the road), girl scouts, Muppets, super heroes and so many other things that if I try to recount them all I’m sure to go crazy trying to ensure I don’t leave anyone out.

I know I’ve been a big slacker in the blog world as of late (both writing and reading) but I feel like all that blog reading in such a short time totally makes up for it.  I now consider the blogosphere and I even.

For now.

4 thoughts on “because I am queen of this computer

  1. Ceci says:

    Ugh! After a weekend of being sick(again!), I feel like I too am teetering on the uneven side of the blogosphere! I’ve a list to go through and haven’t gotten to any, save yours! I hope to make it through my list by this evening. This makes me feel tired already.

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Honey this is me right now. I am so behind and have been kind of low as well amidst all the madness and trying to kid myself that I’m just busy. But I miss you lot so I’ve bitten the bullet. Life is a little tough right now but seeing my blog buds again is already helping. Hugs.

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