tea time

When I was a kid I used to smoke tea.  Yes, I know that’s not what it’s for, but none the less I did it.  Cigarettes were expensive and hard to get, I was too lazy & scared to do drugs (yes you can be too lazy to do drugs, in my way of thinking getting illegal drugs was a lot of work).  So I’d smoke tea and other ingestibles.

My friend and I would go to my house after school and raid the pantry looking for teas or herbs that we could roll up in a piece of notebook paper (I was a very naive 13 year old… I had not idea about cigarette papers and even if I had I would have been too cheap and lazy to get them).  We were convinced that the caffeinated teas would make us really hyper… so they did (after we were all done coughing up a lung).  We knew, just knew that chamomile tea would mellow us out, so sure enough once we were done coughing up the other lung we got calm and reflective.  The power of the mind is an amazing thing.

Tea.  I smoked tea when I was a kid.  What the hell is up with that?  What was I thinking?  Worse yet I smoked it rolled in binder paper.  That’s just nuts.  And all of this?  It comes to mind because I’m sitting at the table re purposing tea tins.  You see now that I can afford to buy things to smoke, I don’t want to smoke anything.  So I buy tea… and then imagine this… I brew and drink it.  But I’m left with all these fantastic metal tea tins.  What to do with them?

I can’t smoke em….

It’s against my nature to throw them away.  I’d hate just chucking them in the recycling bin.  So instead I’ve tucked them away waiting for a burst of brilliance.  Now that I have that burst of brilliance (I’m using them as map cases for K’s birthday adventure) all I can do is sit and wonder why on earth I ever thought to smoke tea.

Damn I hope my kid is smarter than I was.

8 thoughts on “tea time

  1. Travis Erwin says:

    Me and my buddies did the same thing. We rolled up some Lipton instant tea in notebook paper and tried a puff. tasted like crap so we got rid of it, but problems was it smelled just like weed and when his mom came home she was convinced we were toking more than tea. He blamed me and to this day his mom thinks I was a bad influence.

  2. Lainie Petersen says:

    Well, there are smoked teas, such as Lapsong Souchong, so I don’t think you were too far off the mark. :-)

    As for the tea tins: They can be great for storing sewing notions (when you buy a new article of clothing, try putting the extra buttons in a tea tin so that they are handy) and various small household necessities.

    The other option is to use the tins to store teabags or loose teas that don’t come in their own tin. You need to be careful, though, because if the tea was scented, its tin will transfer that scent to whatever tea you store in it. To deodorize your tin, I recommend giving it a good scrubbing with hot water and Dawn dish soap. Let it air out for a few days and then put the lid back on overnight. Remove the lid the next day and sniff: If there is no odor, it is safe to store tea again. If not, repeat the process until there is no odor left in the tin.

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