what he knows…

I have said before that I’m done with “memes”. That I can’t do them anymore. That I won’t do them anymore. I put my foot down and that, was that.

But then Holly had to go an open her big ol mouth and tag me with this “UU” which in all fairness isn’t a meme… and for some reason that damned woman can get me to do things that no one else can… so she said “Jump Cami” and I said “Fuck you”.

Then? I asked how high.

What is it that Holly asked me to do? She wanted me to ask my husband three things that he knew about me. I thought about it… really it was more work for him not me so I asked him. He stared at me incredulously and replied with a very straight face “Nothing, nothing and um… oh… NOTHING” and then he tossed me one of his most charming smiles and practically floated out of the room sure that he had won.

I let it go for a day but then just after we finished a lovely dinner I set upon him. I produced a pen and paper from thin air (or maybe it was the kitchen) and then I said: “Alright babe, you’ve got to suck it up and do this… I need you to tell me three things you know about me, there’s no way around it because it’s for Holly.”

He sighed, knowing defeat when he saw it he prepared to tell me some of the things that our years together have taught him about me, the incomparable CamiKaos… I share them with you now.

-Cami once fought off 2 polar bears in the Alaskan Tundra with her bare hands.

-If you listen carefully to a recording of The Eagles’ Hotel California you can hear Cami’s voice in the background. She was just a child but it’s very clearly her.

– Henry Kissinger once called Cami for advice on brokering a peace deal between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

– Due to her keen interest in philanthropy both Bill Gates and Bono have asked Cami out on a date.

– Cami actually invented twitter.

Wow, Mr. Kaos may not know me as well as I thought…

10 thoughts on “what he knows…

  1. belle says:

    Oh I have soooo got to get on with that UU. Great answers though. I’ve asked the Captain. His replies were far more lame … *sigh*

  2. holly says:

    best.three.things.ever.(‘three’ in a douglas adams trilogy kind of way, even)the funny thing is the ‘Nothing, nothing…’ line i *totally* heard him say in his own voice. why is mr kaos’ voice in my head? no, it’s okay i listen to your podcasts. that’s it.

  3. Martin Declan Kelly says:

    Maybe he just knows you a lot better than you thinkxoxoxox much love DON’T HIT ME CAMI DON’T HIT ME!

  4. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    You are tremendously lucky to have such a husband.I actually bought the first one about the polar bears for a minute…No, I’m not gullible.

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