it’s the tooth…

I have no real way of knowing when it is that you read this post because I just kind of put it up here and let you do your thing…

So I can’t really say with certainty that as you read this I’m sitting in the dentists chair numbed from here to there getting drilled and filled, but it’s possible that is what could be going on while you read it.

But whether it is the case or not you should know that as I write this Sunday night while watching repeats on TiVo it’s all I can think about right now…


Frick frickety froo froo.

That is to say I can’t think of anything better to post tonight. Hopefully tomorrow my tooth will be all fixed up and happy and I’ll be able to move onto one of the other varied senseless things I like to babble about.

9 thoughts on “it’s the tooth…

  1. belle says:

    as it’s 9am over here, my guess is that you’re asleep in bed. But will be thinking about you tomorrow. erm, today. I’m confused now. How about I send positive vibes for the trip to the dentist? Hope it goes well.

  2. holly says:

    i’m going to think of you splashing in the beach having fun with your loved ones instead. that’s the opposite of dentistry, i think.

  3. sybil law says:

    Hopefully they’ll give you laughing gas and Mr. Kaos will have some fun stuff to post about you later!Seriously- sucks on the tooth. Ugh. HATE the dentist.But you’ll be fine, in case you read this before you go. :)xo

  4. Kimberly says:

    Ouchie. I just got my first cavity and have been putting off booking the appointment to get it filled. If it’s horrific and you post about it, warn me first so I skip that post, okay?

  5. missburrows says:

    I agree with Travis. You know you don’t have to go to the dentist to have sex right? Oh well, we can cover that topic at Camp Naughty.

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oh feel better soon sweetie, I hope it was/is ok. It’s 1120pm here so you might be there in the chair now. I am sending big kisses and happy thoughts.

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