One of my clearest memories of childhood is sitting on the floor of my mom’s closet and staring at her shoes. She had high heels in so many colors and styles I would sometime spend 30 minutes trying to decide which ones I wanted to sneak into my room with. I would put them on and prance around in them trying my damnedest to break and ankle.

My favorites were a pair of brown punched leather peep toes. The heels on them seemed impossibly high, I thought they made me as tall as a teenager. I shuffled around her closet in them, down the hall, into my room, and there I would dance as best I could while keeping my feet firmly in one place.

Before long though my mom started phasing out her high heels. They were replaced by kitten heels and flats and then eventually sandals, loafers and sneakers…

In my teens I always wondered why all those wonderful shoes went the way of the dinos… last week I looked in my closet though and realized how few of my high heels I wear these days…

Let’s just say my child won’t have to wait til her teens to wonder why mommy isn’t wearing stilettos…

13 thoughts on “heels

  1. holly says:

    heels were invented by men. “i know, let’s have women walk on the balls of their feet! they’ll LOVE that! it will make them easier to catch, for starters…”my son wears my tennies. wrong feet, but still cute.

  2. Lisa Milton says:

    Painful pretty suckers, aren’t they? Don’t own any right now, but I’ve been eyeing up some Dankso heels for a while when I like to pretend I have places to wear them to. Like the library?Who knows. I’m a comfy Mom, I guess.

  3. sybil law says:

    I hear ya.But I won’t get rid of mine. Some of them cost over a weeks’ worth of groceries! Especially the stilettos – I can’t see myself wearing them anywhere in the near future, but you never know…

  4. Traci says:

    when I packed my closet there was nary a heel in it….and you know, I don’t miss the pain of them anymore…

  5. NanaKaos says:

    The heels went away because I didn’t have to dress formally when I left the bank in Bakersfield. Thank God. I think that is part of the reason the arthritis in my feet is so bad sometimes. I remember those shoes. They were a very comfortable pair of mules. They were the last of my heels to go. The champigane colored 4″ heels with gold buckles were the first. I don’t own a single pair of what could be called heels anymore. Too much pain, and since I’m pron to falling it is all for the better. But I did love those mules. NanaK.

  6. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    First: Shut up to the men (my pig husband included).Second: There really is no second. High heels hurt, the end.

  7. CamiKaos says:

    Stephanie: that comment? one of the many reasons I adore you.Mom: I am so glad I didn’t make those shoes up. If there is one thing I’ve learned from you reading and commenting on posts that have remembrances of my childhood it’s that the memory of a childhood event is often sketchy.Kimberly: I thought about it today and I wear my high heels out of the house (excluding my boots) on the following occasions. A wedding. If we go downtown for a night out and take a taxi. That’s pretty much it. Though I have been known to wear them in the house ;)traci is it… I didn’t know we were publicly traci.Sybil: Oh I’m not getting rid of the pairs I have, I’m just not buying anymore. No reason.Lindy: I think I gave them up for similar reasons… I walk everywhere.Stu & Travis: I don’t deny how sexy a great high heel is on a good looking leg, and rest assured that Mr. Kaos can see me in high heels around the house anytime he wants to.Lisa: I’m a comfy mom too.Holly: I don’t wear tennies very often. Boots or slip ons mostly. But still comfort is key.

  8. Jo Beaufoix says:

    You see, I can only walk in heels when I’m very drunk, and as I tend to get drunk mainly at home now I’m more likely to be wearing big fluffy socks. Maybe they could make fluffy socks with heels. I used to love walking in my mum’s heels. She had some fabulous knee high boots that were so cool. Lovely memories ta Cami.

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