snark and circumstance

Even though I haven’t been busy HERE in the blogosphere…

I’ve been really busy this week…

I’m not going to bore you with the details aside from telling you that my doctor really must want me to stop coughing judging by the prescription he just wrote me…

Thank you doctor. I have never taken this medicine you give me but I have been assured by 1 out of 1 husbands and 1 out of 2 blog wives (the other is sleeping) that it will make me loopy and knock me flat on my ass for several hours!


What a way to spend a couple of days… flat on my ass and crazy!

Speaking of crazy behavior… and we are… I wanted to tell you all that you should certainly do something on Sunday.

No… not that. No. Not that either. Would you please stop just calling out things….

What you should do this Sunday at 4pm (my time babies) is listen to me on Pointless Drivel Live with the fantastic (if a bit delusional) host Mr. Fabulous… okay maybe fantastic is the wrong word… maybe I should just use fabulous… It’s repetitive but… you know it’s kind of built in… so lets try that again…

with the fabulous (if a bit delusional) host Mr. Fabulous.

Yes, Mr. Fab really is fabulous. And often kind of witty and smart… but if you look at the description of the show you may get something else… let’s take a look and then break it down shall we?

“Tonight’s Co-Host: Cami Kaos, from Mommified Me. She’s a clever monkey with cool tattoos and a Pez collection. She’s completely obsessed with me and during the day fills notebook after notebook with nothing but Mrs. Cami Fabulous. It’s a little sad, actually.”

Some of this? Very true. And how sweet of him to remember my cool tattoos and my Pez collection… but some of it… well let’s just say that a notebook with Mrs. Cami Fabulous written repeatedly in its pages does exist… On the cover it says “Property of Mr. Fabulous HANDS OFF” and the handwriting inside it is… well frankly it’s kind of fabulous

My handwriting? It’s not fabulous it’s kind of messy… and pinched… I don’t hand write anything.

His incredibly sweet (but sad) adoration of me aside, it should be a really good show. We should have lot’s to talk about…

…especially if Mr. Kaos has his way and I take my cough syrup before I call in.

If it starts to get a little boring though or if you have some burning questions or maybe, just maybe, you think you love me MORE than he does and want to call in and say so… please do.

The number to call in is 646 652 4911.

Call me.

Call me on the line
Call me call me any anytime
Call me oh my love
When you’re ready we can share the wine
Call me

Well… you can’t call me anytime, just during the show. And I probably won’t be drinking wine… but we can share the martinis or the tiki drinks??? The booze though… that’s another post. One coming soon.

21 thoughts on “snark and circumstance

  1. Stu says:

    Signed up for a reminder to listen if I can.Good luck with the cough syrup.On the booze front, have you been to Saucebox or 13?-Stu

  2. holly says:

    WIFE! cami, darling!your 4pm is my midnight. if i obey you by listening? i disobey you by staying up past midnight on a work night. so which do you want me to disobey (please say i can stay up, please please please)?

  3. holly says:

    BY THE WAY i made a suggestion to a certain contest about “the chubb”, it being a fire extinguisher. i have just seen a fire extinguisher that resides around the filing cabinet from me. when i saw it? immediately thought of mr kaos. so you’ll be happy to know that i *already* associated your husband’s goods with the chubb. whether it wins or not. nyah. i still think it should be pokey mcpokesalot.

  4. Daryl E says:

    Glad you are on the road to recovery, whatever meds doc gave you I hope they fix you up good as new.Hope your 15 minutes is glorious .. no not THAT 15 min .. ‘chubb’, huh?

  5. CamiKaos says:

    missb: I will have a big ol post on that topic on Mondaydaryl e: Thank you. I’m sitting upright today. The cough syrup my doc prescribed allowed me to sleep soundly through the night and that did a world of good.holly: I love that you think of my man’s junk ;)bw: better be something rum basedmr fab: hmm.. I don’t know… maybe it’s my radio show that you are the co host for?flutter: indeedy-dookimberly: i know that imploding brain feeling.Stu: not 13 but I love saucebox. I haven’t been there in ages though… great drinks, great salad rolls.holly: Okay… you can stay up.

  6. sybil law says:

    Not only must I call (or you call me or whatever), but if you take the lovely cough medicine (me so jealous) and do the show, then maybe you’ll be feeling the Rapture:Rapture, be pureTake a tour, through the sewerDon’t strain your brain, paint a trainYou’ll be singin’ in the rainI said don’t stop, do punk rockHells yes!I will have to either drink (duh) or whatever so I can be buzzed and harass you.Yay!I am all excited just thinking about it!This time it caNOT get cancelled, okay? Okay.

  7. stu says:

    I was mistaken, it is not 13 but XV (15). It is on SW Second. Drinks and food are good but the staff can be ‘above you’ someitmes. Saucebox is great to sit in from happy hour time to the early am and watch the crowd change from business, to hip, to odd. Of course I need to be poured into a cab by then…..-Stu

  8. Groovy Mom says:

    Oh, how cool! I will try really really hard to remember (remembering things isn’t my most sparkly talent these days.) In fact, I’ll put it on my calendar. :-)

  9. Mr. Kaos says:

    Here’s all the details…If you can, please call in or join the chat room during Cami’s appearance on Pointless Drivel Live. She’ll need all the help she can get! Details below:Call-in Number: (646) 652-4911 SHOW: 3/2/2008 4:00 PMHost Name Mr. FabulousShow Name Pointless Drivel Live–Show 58Show Length 1 HourShow Description Tonight’s Co-Host: Cami Kaos, from Mommified Me. She’s a clever monkey with cool tattoos and a Pez collection. She’s completely obsessed with me and during the day fills notebook after notebook with nothing but Mrs. Cami Fabulous. It’s a little sad, actually.Keywords bricks, Cami Kaos, little puppies, Oregon, patio furniture, Pez, sexual in your end-o, sexual innuendo, Sperm Whales, stained glass, torture

  10. mielikki says:

    so, you taunt me. I tried to call. All I got was dead air. I mean, seriously. I am family.Mr. Fab must not know who I am…..

  11. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Sorry I missed it Cami. I bet it was fabulous. And I looooove Debbie Harry. We saw Blondie a few years ago and they’re still cool. Clem Burke is one of Mr B’s drum idols.He also likes Jilson Lavis, and another one with a funny first name. I always said we could never name anyof our kids after his drum heroes.

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