listen up

So today I need (yes need) you to head on over to Pointless Drivel live and LISTEN TO ME.I will be talking (Yes TALKING) to Mr. Fab on the radio(ish.. because it's still the internet).So what are you doing at 7pm eastern (4pm west coast baby)???You're listening right? Or maybe calling in if you are … Continue reading listen up

4 four frick

This post is really called: Sybil doesn't love me because she sends me junk mail.Four jobs I have had in my life:1. Telemarketer2. Receptionist3. Secretary4. Interior Design LibrarianFour movies I've watched more than once:1. The Usual Suspects (I watched it almost everyday when I was pregnant on bed rest... this is only one of the … Continue reading 4 four frick

my week

Have you had those weeks that should have been just perfect? Something great is happening and you're really looking forward to it and you know, just know with every fiber of your being that it's going to be awesome?This was supposed to be one of those weeks.On Monday morning my daughter had her first day … Continue reading my week


What do you like to do on Sundays?Me personally, I like to hang out at the house, snuggle with my man, play with my kid, grill something delicious, or if it's winter, make soup.I relax knowing it is the last day to resist the workaday world.I've heard some folks attend church on Sunday. That's good. … Continue reading sunday?