an update… or…

My kid’s ear could beat up your kid’s ear….

Today we finally took K to the doc. I know it seems like we waited FOREVER to take her to the doctor but we had been assured that this bug that is going around lasts a loooooooonnnnnnnnng ass time.

Well today was the day that her doctor said ENOUGH. Little K Kaos can’t be sick anymore, let’s take a look and a listen.

I was relieved. What with the 6 days of off and on fevers… and the coughing… and the body aches… and the tired… and the whining… and the sniffles… and the tummy ache.

All manners of ill had befallen my little one, but still there was one that we didn’t see coming.

The exam was going as expected, they weighed her and took her temperature which of course was normal because she was AT the doctor’s office. She stopped sniffling because she was at the doctor’s office. She stopped coughing because she was at the doctor’s office. But her doctor took a look and a listen. She peeked inside her ear and said “So K is this ear bothering you?” K shook her head. Doctor P, that’s what we’ll call her, looked at me for a moment with a touch of concern then moved on the K’s other ear. Then she went back and looked in the first ear and looked at me again. “Has she been tugging on it or touching it? Anything?”

I told her no, not at all.

“Wow K, you’re one tough kid…”

K looked so proud… and then that pride swelled into a HUGE coughing fit and Doctor P asked “Is that how she’s been coughing?” I said that yes it was, and that she gets stuck coughing that way and can’t catch her breath.

As K put her boots back on Doctor P told me that K has, for the most part, what she’s seen going around, that this is the worst winter she’s seen as far as illness goes so we shouldn’t worry or feel bad and that K’s got one hell of an ear infection and it needs to be treated. Only I think maybe she didn’t use the word hell…

Apparently K should be feeling some pain there. Apparently she should be crying and whining and tugging that ear while she sucks her thumb… but not my kid no…

My kid’s ear could kick your kid’s ear’s ass…. cause she’s tough…

Until you make her take yucky medicine… then she’s just a puddle of crying goo hoping she’ll get a powdered donut out of the deal…


What about me? Oh, what about me? I feel like shit. My fever is down but not gone. The thing that pisses me off the most?

Well aside from the fact that I read these posts too so I know how obnoxious the SICK posts are…

I was doing SO WELL on my Fit February work outs but I’ve now done nothing NOTHING more active than carrying K around the pharmacy while waiting for her prescription to be filled and that just about did me in…

The next post? Won’t be about being sick. Maybe it will be about naming a penis or… Mr. Kaos’ new computer… or about the fact that I’m going to be on Mr. Fab’s show again this weekend….

Yeah, maybe one of those things. Or how much I love booze.

29 thoughts on “an update… or…

  1. sybil law says:

    Go booze!Wait – is that a contest? Haha right – no contest there!Oh dammit you are IMing me. Can I never leave a comment anymore, woman?Glad K has some meds!xoxo

  2. holly says:

    booooooooze!!!!oh i’m so sorry about k, but she does fairly kick some kiddie butt! woo hoo for the k-ster. kickin’ some keester. (see what i did there? you may not have because i’m fairly certain i spelled it wrong. try to work with me, oh sick beloved wife.)

  3. mielikki says:

    ouch! I’ve had more than one ear infection, and she is one tough cookie! give her hugs and kisses from her auntieand I hope that you are feeling better soon, too.

  4. Kimberly says:

    Yay for K being such an incredible kiddo. Hope it clears up quick…um…wait…too late for that, isn’t it? Anyway…be thou healthy or something.

  5. KiKi says:

    Gaaaah, you’re still sick. AIR HUGS (because that’s safe). Ahem – i mean because it’ll make you feel better.Anyway, go K. You are truly a trooper. Hold your nose when you swallow, babe – that’ll make it go down much easier.

  6. CamiKaos says:

    update to the update: K isn’t responding well to her meds… Well, her stomach isn’t. It’s gonna be an interesting few days.

  7. Maria says:

    Well – the 4 yo has gotten shots and a bloody nose and stung by a hornet all without shedding a tear. And she and the 2 yo drink back medicine like shots of tequila. BAM!:pI hope she and you feel better soon, with all the coughing and the sneezing and the fevers and the oi!

  8. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ahh, hope K feels better soon. I’m sure it will probably be very useful in later life that her ears are so tough. I mean, nobody would expect and ear bashing would they? Ok, I’ll go now. I am allowed to leave cheesey comments as We had an earthquake last night, and I have an operation tomorrow, ok?Can you believe we had an earthquake? 5.3 on the richter scale thingy, it was so weird. Must email Holl and see if she felt it.Oh, and you get better too lady. Booze is good for sickness you know.

  9. holly says:

    i did not hear the eathquake, but a coworker did. when you stay up as late as me on this blogthingamajig, you sleep through anything. someone chopped one of my fingers off the other day. i was sleeping. i’ll miss that finger. fortunately, it’s the one that hits the ‘q’ letter, so i don’t need it that much…

  10. Lilacspecs says:

    Being sick is a definite “get out of fitness free” card. Really, sometimes it’s all you can do to stay hydrated just being awake, let alone trying to work out. All is forgiven and best wishes to K.

  11. Lori says:

    Poor K. And Mommy. My kids ears are usually oozing before I even know something is wrong! Then I feel like the worst parent ever, the dr. thinks I’m crazy when I say they haven’t been complaining. I think they’ve got my high tolerance for pain.

  12. stu says:

    Sounds like you have a tough cookie. Our Pea Pie is a tough girl too. I always tell her it is cool to be a smart, tough, and beautiful girl (some of her friends only focus on the pretty part).Hope the meds start working for K very soon.I have set a reminder to catch the show so hope you are feeling better soon.-Stu

  13. DaddyKaos says:

    Mom said you guys never complained about ear infections when you were tots but I don’t remember since I was always gone and have lost….. (what was I going to say?) my memory anyway (or is that my mind?).

  14. Groovy Mom says:

    All of my kids are sick too. It’s been a horrible year for the crud. Take it easy, and don’t feel bad about missing your workouts. You’re body’s working hard enough to kick the crud’s ass.

  15. Bubblewench says:

    poor kid. I hate ear infections. I hope the meds work out or they change them. I think you get Fit Excuse cause you’ve got the sickies and the nasty ones that linger. That’s what Scott & I both had in January. I’m with the lushes – bboooooooooozzzzzzeeeeeeeee!!!!

  16. Kris says:

    Man, it’s just not fair how much of ‘the sickness’ you three have had to endure so far this year.Hmmm…unless it’s all just an elaborate plan to avoid spending time as Gamiltard.We better have a chick’s night soon or I will come over and start giving all of you carrot juice enemas!! Okay I need mental help. :)Give K a hug from Aunt Kris and Emma. Poor sweetie.

  17. missburrows says:

    I apologize for my lateness, I was meeting real live actual bloggers! The Kaos clan is obviously made of some strong stock!PS-I told you Holly was crazy. Finger got cut off? Whhhaaaa???

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