fit friends

Oh how we’re gaining momentum towards our Fit February.

(Isn’t that the dumbest name I could think of? Yes, yes it is)

we have people

PEOPLE joining in with this whole happy healthy exercise thing.

How many people you may ask??? Well at last count… when I wrote this…

Twenty Two.


That’s a lot of us. We could totally overthrow the world with that many brilliant minds and fit bodies…


You wanna know who they are? Well then without further ado…


mr. kaos

my cousin mie

her boytoy… err.. um.. friend MM

my daddy

my boo, sybil

marcus, who I’ve known since 8th grade

the lovely lisa milton

holly who started it all with her crazed month of chocolate deprivation

ummm yeah… that picture is babs… but jo’s the one who’ll be working out

avery (and the girls)

dan who has a truly touching reason for getting in shape

vocal vixen 123valerie

fellow author and choconot kimberly

it’s not just lori doing it, it’s her whole family

leendaluu who should contact me about an image I should insert unless she wants me to use a cow… I’ve already done a badge with an ostrich…

amy who has been working on getting in shape anyway, maybe she can give us some helpful hints after she contacts me about an image I should insert

groovy mom who (you guessed it) should contact me about an image I should insert

missburrows, fellow portland metro area dweller who should contact me about an image I should insert

velma who should also contact me about what image she would like unless she wants me to use velma from scooby doo… cause I totally would love to.

lilacspecs who I just met and seems very interesting but she too needs to talk to me about an image

and landismom, political darling, who should also tell me what kind of an image she would like.

So those are the wonderful 22 people who’ve currently signed on to work out 3 times a week in the month of February.

What? You think we’re crazy?

Maybe… but it’s a darn sight better than giving up chocolate for (another) month or trying to write 50,000 words in 30 days…


If you want to join us and see your name over there on the official Fit Friends link list let me know… I’ll even make you a handy dandy little badge just for you…

Already joined and like a dumbass I somehow missed you in this recap? Yell at me.

If your badge has no image, just text and a big red heart, you’re welcome to use it the way it is but I would rather customize it for you with an image to your liking.

Hate the image on the badge I made you… you’ll live… Really really hate it? Okay, let me know.

28 thoughts on “fit friends

  1. Groovy Mom says:

    Oh, cool beans! I emailed you a picture. Let me know if you didn’t get it. (or maybe let me know if you did, and if I don’t hear from you I’ll resend it.)

  2. Dapoppins says:

    I’d like to join you all. Really I would. But that would mean I would have to exercise. And to be honest, That is not going to happen.

  3. holly says:

    this is totally awesome! 22 people (and is troy another? 23? katydidnot=24? yay!)!i don’t want to get ahead of us, but we should make it annual! well, apart from the fact that we should already be in the habit at the end of february, and here’s the part where i am now waffling. sorry. but i just want to say how pleased i am that everyone is supportive, whether they join or not. nice.LOVELY badges!!!

  4. 123Valerie says:

    Yes! I love being part of a group. Especially a group that’s not going to up and die on me!Thanks, Cami K–big hugs across the miles.

  5. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Love the badges Miss C. ANd how cool that there are so many of us already?I might not be having my op as I am poorly sick with a throat and ear virus from hell, so if not, at least I can join in even better. (Though I’d rather get t over and done with. Boo.)

  6. Lindy says:

    uuum I guess I should tell you want I’m going to do. Does promising to get up and make my own cup of tea 3 times a day count? No. Well I cross my heart that I’ll walk 3 times a week- unless is rains all week then all bets are off.

  7. CamiKaos says:

    Flutter, Lindy, Katydidnot, Troy:HOOOORAY!!! welcome. Flutter, Lindy: Is there a pic you’d like me to use or shall I just go hunting through your sites till I find one that moves me?Troy: Gasp… HE SPEAKS. What do you want on your badge man?Kaydidnot: Should I use one of the ones with the blackeye? No? Maybe? Send me or point me towards an image so I can get your badge to you.Marcus: I visited… good for you.David: badumdummissburrows: That bird that was tapping at my window earlier… I should have checked to see if it was carrying anything before I cooked it huh?mie: I just calls em like I sees emJo: I am so sorry they want to postpone. I understand how frustrating that must be. Two years back I had to have a small op and the week before I was ill, they almost canceled… I was in knots.123val: xoxo girl. xoxoHolly: TWENTY SIX… 26… plus I was over at 123valeries page and I saw one of her peeps say they were gonna do it… though they haven’t been by here so I can’t add them to the officially official tally but still 26 plus one person who is not official which reminds me…123val: send your peeps over if they want to play I’ll make them a badge too… though it won’t be as pretty as yours cause it won’t have your smiling visage…dapoppins: I appreciate your honesty… and your lack of teasing. :) groovymom: I sent it! I did! Did you get it??

  8. sybil law says:

    Blogging Fit Club.Can I be the crazy, foul mouthed one who runs around naked after getting drunk at random?!You can thank VH-1 for that mental image. HahaWhohoooooooo

  9. Bubblewench says:

    Geez, I think I’m missing everything and I’m already on the band wagon, we both joined the gym last week and started our 3x a week.. 4 or 5 if we have the time.

  10. My Reflecting Pool says:

    Wow your good! I’m in, rather, I want to be in. Feb 1 – 29, I can do it, its just one month…Thank you for the web-incentive! I suppose I will forward you a photo and blog info. -Pool

  11. The Holmes says:

    Dude, count me in. I spent the holidays drinking beer, eating whatever the hell I wanted, and absolutely NOT exercising, so I started working out for the first time in a few months in January. Fit friend me up!

  12. CamiKaos says:

    Wow everyone… if my calculations are correct we are now 31 strong.THIRTY ONE.Like how I always do that think where I repeat the number? Yeah… it sucks… I love it.So welcome to:katydidnotjenerathe holmespoolcrankmamalindyflutterbubblewenchtroyI’ll get you all on the linky love asap and I will have your badges by the end of the weekend… I hope.xoxo!

  13. Lilacspecs says:

    Woohoo! The badge makes it all worthwhile! Heh, well ok, that and adding a few years on to my life (gotta make up for the 10 years I smoked somehow). How would you like the image to be sent? E-mail I assume?

  14. loveyh says:

    I would like to throw down my Frenemy staus and be a fit fiend…er, i mean, FRIEND. After all, I work in a friggen’ bakery, for goodness sakes. I need some friends to keep me from wallowing in all that sweet delicious goodness. :)

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