a given…

today is February 1st.

Do you know what that means?


I can have the chocolate…

I mean I can’t right now… As I write this it’s 10:01 pm here… thursday… but still…

I can have chocolate.

That whole month of not eating chocolate? Totally worth it.

I learned that I can resist temptation.

I learned that I can eat even healthier.

I learned that I have never been more excited by the prospect of having chocolate.

And now that i’s February I can eat chocolate…

Or I can in like 2 hours… but I’ll be asleep then…

but after dinner tomorrow chocolate and I will be back together again babies….

starting with a good old fashioned chocolate sundae… or maybe chocolate porter cake… or hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps…. or. or. or… something else chocolate.

11 thoughts on “a given…

  1. holly says:

    have some for me, honey! i’m pressing on until goal. i posted a cookie recipe!!! there’s chocolate chips in it!!!i’ve started to have nightmares of the chocolate.

  2. CamiKaos says:

    Mie: I don’t have the dried cherries or coconut… I’m going to have to make my hollsters this weekend.Lisa: I’m thinking I might pour the booze over the ice cream.. I have some awesome homemade chocolate kahlua that Mie gave me.Holls: I am so proud of you

  3. katydidnot says:

    i saw this flourless choc cake on tv yesterday, and ohdeargod how i want one. not a piece of one. i want a whole one. not to share.

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