strange compliment from a liberal…

last night Mr. Kaos and I were having one of our late night talks

It encompassed many things: our lives, macabre humor and of course politics, as it is the season.

Alas it was growing late and I told Mr. Kaos I needed to get some sleep. A long day of caring for a child with a bad cold and fever had warn me out…

CK: Goodnight sweetheart

MK: Yeah but don’t you think that…

CK: No, it’s too late to think. I need to go to sleep. You need to go to sleep too baby.

MK: Cami?

CK: Yeah babe?

MK: You’re my Nancy Reagan.

CK: I love you too.

14 thoughts on “strange compliment from a liberal…

  1. holly says:

    landismom just needs some time with you to get it. i heard what you *meant*. i think it’s totally sweet. it’s totally better than being someone’s edith bunker…(but i’m smart and not-frumpy, dammit!!! i keep saying.)(oh, plus, he’s not racist, so i guess that wasn’t a good example. i’ll be back with a better one.)you go, girl!!!

  2. holly says:

    okay. i’m his smarter-version-of-peggy-bundy. but i cook just about as well. this is starting to not be relevant. this is about you and how cool *you* are. okay, i’m going to get back to work now. ps, if i change my blog name, it will be “i’m a smarter version of peggy bundy” good?

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