say see you later

The linky list of love is coming down in 5 – 4- 3- 2 – 1- NOW…

It will be back when I have time to make newer, better, a more honest reflection of who I read and who reads me…


so like I said if you have any fears or comments, let me know. We’ll get through this linkage crisis together.

I love you man.

9 thoughts on “say see you later

  1. CamiKaos says:

    Flutter: Baby you are book marked and on my google reader, and on my technorati… and I think myblog log.. you aren’t getting away from me… ;)syb: xoxo

  2. Daveman says:

    I read you loud and clear, so if you could turn down the volume my eye-ears would appreciate it. I know, I know.., you werent yelling – but I have this horrible head ache, akin to a hangover but much worse. I need a hug I think.

  3. The Holmes says:

    One day I’ll get around to that whole blogroll update thing. Funny how these things we start just to put a few thoughts out into the world end up requiring more and more time and energy.

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