listen up

So today I need (yes need) you to head on over to Pointless Drivel live and LISTEN TO ME.

I will be talking (Yes TALKING) to Mr. Fab on the radio(ish.. because it’s still the internet).

So what are you doing at 7pm eastern (4pm west coast baby)???

You’re listening right? Or maybe calling in if you are so inclined. There’s a number on the site, ring it up… unless you’re feeling shy. Or you have nothing meaning full to say.

Or you’re my dad, cause he doesn’t like Mr. Fab very much… and he quite possibly might not want to hear some of the answers to some of the questions…

Or my mom… she may not want to hear it either… I’ll let them know later.

But you, that makes YOU want to listen even more doesn’t it?

After all, Mr. Fab seems to know about my Pez dispensers… what else does he know about?

Come find out…


(No really, I mean it you’d better fricken listen…)

9 thoughts on “listen up

  1. bellevelma says:

    7 pm on a Saturday? Honey, I’ll be drunk by then. Starting in 15 mins as it’s so close to noon right now. Just kidding. Really, people, I’m KIDDING. I will try and listen. It all depends on if I am forced by Snags to watch another Star Wars movie or not. But hey, if I AM, at least this will be the last time ever because I’m sure my eyes will start bleeding. I heard that happens after watching the same move a Kazilliony Jillion times. And then all I will have left are my ears. To listen to you with.

  2. CamiKaos says:

    bw: You won’t like my interpretations.bellevelma: Drunk was a fine excuse… so is the star wars though… I get that… Do you have any idea how many times I have seen Jumanji? Night at the Museum? My only out on Star Wars is “but it’s daddies favorite… we can’t watch it without him”syb: You and only you are forgiven… but you have to listen later and lie to me about how smart I am and junk.

  3. Troy says:

    For the record, I was there for ya, baby. I was one of the three lurking guests who, for all my college and professional degrees, couldn’t figure out how to sign in.I learned, among other things:1) to never say “Ore-GONE”. It’s Ore-GUN, dammit.2) that tattoos involve scratching and not poking, and try to never be drunk during a tattoo or you’ll bleed to death.3) you can convincingly fake support for the Red Sox when you need to.I’ve grown as a person. You rock.

  4. SquidgesMum says:

    Ok so I wasn’t there for you but I’m here for you now- damn time zones. I’m listening to you NOW baby!! Lots of beaver talk.

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