about the kaos family

With Halloween well on its way I thought it might be time to let you guys in on a little video Mr. Kaos recorded in 1989.

No, I’m not joking.

Yes it really is him.

(no, no it’s him… the one singing… er… rapping?)

Just watch it… I’ll wait.

Admit it, your life is more complete now.

17 thoughts on “about the kaos family

  1. SquidgesMum says:

    Does he know you’ve posted this?? Tooo frickin funny- Mr Kaos soooo talented, how did he not become an international success?? You lucky girl keeping him all to yourself!

  2. Bubblewench says:

    I can’t believe you did that. Or should I say I can’t believe you admit in public that Mr. K did that! Great hair. I just can’t stop laughing.

  3. Stella says:

    I only wish I could find something like this with my husband in it! Was that chicken in his mouth in the beginning??TOO FUNNY!

  4. Daveman says:

    That was not only funny – it was like major coolness. So now after all that bragging, I’m waiting for you to pull a “Ha ha, psych!” number.I’ll say this; the entire video was well executed. From the singing all the way up to choreography and videography.Okay – now spill the story on this Video. Leave no one stoned unturned.

  5. CamiKaos says:

    daveman: The honest truth is that my husband recorded that with a bunch of his friends in 1989. He has a bunch of music videos from the days when he was in a hair band as well. Stella: I don’t have to “find” these things, my hubby is so happy to share them! He is the one that put it up on Youtube! (oh and I think that guy did have chicken in his mouth.. but it could have been pizza, I will ask Mr. Kaos when he gets home)Lori: The funny thing is that most of the people who know Mr. Kaos would never actually believe it. Many people don’t know that he comes from a musical background and that he is CRAZY like this.Sybil: I know you love it baby. Actually when Mr. Kaos and I discussed it and we weren’t sure if it was close enough to Halloween, he suggested I ask my darling wife.Doppelganger: Totally!BW: we have all coped with the fact that my darling had several hair phases that I would consider bad… but as he is quick to remind… he got laid..M: We’ll send you some Christmas songs if we get around to recording them.Lisa: He is soo argumentative about that hair. I (and many of my friends) insist it is a mullet… no matter what he wants to call it.Bellevelma: YES!! It is a mullet. But I tell you K insists on playing the song at her Halloween party every year to play monster freeze dance with… I don’t let her show her friends the video though.Lindy: He is the one that put it on youtube. Part of the reason I love him is his sense of humor.

  6. CamiKaos says:

    mr. fab: no, I think you’re twistedholmes: these days he plays a much less flashy blues funk kinda thing.julie: no, that’s just my man circa 89Troy: He loved your comment the best.

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