my week

Have you had those weeks that should have been just perfect? Something great is happening and you’re really looking forward to it and you know, just know with every fiber of your being that it’s going to be awesome?

This was supposed to be one of those weeks.

On Monday morning my daughter had her first day of kindergarten. I’ll be honest here and say that our expectation that she would LOVE it may have been a little over the top, but she so loved preschool. She did. She loved it so much that if I were to keep her home sick she would cry because she wanted to go to school… do the math, the kid loves school… WOO HOO Academic life will be EASY.

Turns out she loved preschool and her preschool teacher. She is not exactly fond of her new teacher… She doesn’t like kindergarten because she has to follow more rules (totally my kid) and they don’t get enough time to play. It’s so damn tough to be a kid.

I won’t go into details of what has happened but I will tell you that she would prefer to remain firmly by my side until she is 35 years old.

On Tuesday we had a particularly rough pick up from school that involved a lot of tears, a mausoleum, ducks, over aggressive geese, cake and a jury summons.

You can see that not all of those tears may have been hers.

I got a jury summons. A summons to be on a jury, potentially. So only 2 days into this very tough week where I am cutting down to one cherry coke a day and trying to keep my head attached to my neck they send me a jury summons for only two weeks away.

I can’t get out of it. It’s possible I could defer it but I would kind of rather get it over with… So there is that, for some reason the US government wants me (YES ME) to help them with justicey things.

Now you may not know this about me but I actually rather like justice. I think it is a good thing. But I’m whiny and I’ve had a long week and I want to whine… I have to leave my comfy cozy little neighborhood and be all dressed and fed and ready to sit in a room for hours by 8:30. Have I not made it clear that I am a pampered little bitch? I am, well, in the ways I want to be. I don’t mind doing my civic duty but could we switch it to 10:00 am?

But I thought that has to be it. That has to be the capper to my week… We can only go up from here and I have stuff to look forward to right? Hell yes.

On Saturday I have an appointment to get my hair done and all that goes with it (Oh the agony of the eyebrow wax, oh the sexy shapely brows is produces). I can go into the salon for 2 hours or so and let the wonderful Francis wash my hair, rub my scalp, dye me, cut my hair and then everyone will tell me how great my hair looks because everyone in that salon knows when you just shelled out a bunch of cash to get your hair cut you want to hear how fucking great it looks… And they do it bless em.

But what was that? What did I see on the bulletin at K’s school. Saturday September 15th Back to School Hair Product sale at my salon. 50% off. My first thought, product is SPENDY and I am almost out, that is awesome. My next thought… and it took me a few minutes to get there, product is SPENDY people like to save money and the salon will be flooded with people talking and buying product… sigh. There goes my Saturday happy ending…

But still, I have Sunday to look forward to. Did you all see what I am doing on Sunday? THAT IS SO COOL. It is going to be so much… wait what?

Growl. Growl with the evil eyes… Mr. Fab got late word that the show has to be scooted, moved, bumped and rescheduled…. So now I will be on at 3:30 (west coast baby). What, it’s only a half hour earlier? Yes yes I know. It is only 30 minutes earlier but it is also only going to be a 30 minute show.


So is it BTR that hates me or Mr. Fab?

You be the judge…

Oh, and I’m not so dismayed that you all shouldn’t listen intently okay? So yeah go here at 3:30 on Sunday the 16th and listen and give me love and what not. Yes? Good?


(oh and if you are asking if that whole long lead up into the radio time change was necessary, no it wasn’t fucking necessary, but I wanted to complain so there)

(but I still love you, come listen to me k?)

10 thoughts on “my week

  1. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    I am going to try to listen. Might be hard with four devils running around. And I like jury duty. could be because I actually work at the court. It’s more interesting that my “normal” work. Chances are you’ll get cut loose within the first hour. I can give you some pointers on things to say if you really want them to let you go early!

  2. sybil law says:

    You can complain to me anytime. (Because I reserve the right to it to you.)Jury duty…duty… *snicker*. I think you cna think up some fine things to say to get you out of it, but who knows? Might be interesting!

  3. Corey~living and loving says:

    LOL sounds like a fun week. oh and I will be having jury duty in November. I like it though….just cause I am nosy. :)

  4. mielikki says:

    wow. Jury duty, and cut down to half and hour AND kindergarten. It just doesn’t seem fair.At least in the crowd of people buying beauty products you can sit and snark at how bad their roots are as you watch them flow in and out. . .

  5. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hope K feels better soon.I’m sure she’ll get there.Jury Duty is something I’ve never done. Sounds, erm, fun.And the radio show will be fabulous I’m sure.Keep your chin up and go stamp on some daisies.It might make you feel better.

  6. julie says:

    I hope K will start love school soon! It really is a big transition… for both of you!I’ve always wanted jury duty, but they won’t let me in. Go! Go and love it. Then tell me all about it so I can live through you.Dramatics aside, I’m tagging you. Don’t hate me.

  7. Bubblewench says:

    ha ha jury duty. I hope K feels better about school soon. They had to move you right in the MIDDLE of the football day??? What the hell were they thinking? I’m so calling in, it’ll be 6:30 here, I’ll be totally drunk by then too. WOO HOO!! Drunken dialing!

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