What do you like to do on Sundays?

Me personally, I like to hang out at the house, snuggle with my man, play with my kid, grill something delicious, or if it’s winter, make soup.

I relax knowing it is the last day to resist the workaday world.

I’ve heard some folks attend church on Sunday. That’s good. Gives them something to do.

Brunch, that’s another common Sunday thing. Actually I rather like brunch, if I’m eating brunch it probably means I slept too late to eat breakfast and it’s nearly lunch time so I meet my meal in the middle. You can eat almost anything you want to for brunch. It’s kind of a magical time.

But Sunday, this Sunday what are you doing? Oh say around 4pm (my time baby, west coast). Are you busy? No? Really? Wanna hang out with me?

Oh wait, no I’m busy Sunday at 4pm…. But you could join me, or well, you could at least listen intently and hang on my every word, even though many of those words are ridiculous and not necessarily worth hearing… but some of them will be good. What’s a good word? If anyone can give me a really GREAT word I will use it…

Use it for what!!?

Haven’t you been paying attention??? I am this Sunday’s co-host on Pointless Drivel Live!

If you go there now it will play last Sunday’s show. Or you can download some of the past episodes there and laugh and laugh. If you like hysterectomies or college football you may find the September 2 episode particularly entertaining. If you are my husband you may find last week’s episode fascinating. Not because I called in to say “hey” but because you are in your 40s and you think the music that Mr. Fab played was just sooo great.

Wait, did you just ask who Mr. Fab is? Really? Where are you living under a rock? Mr. Fabulous is the host of Pointless Drivel Live, you need to get with the program… really, you do.

Get with the program: Tune in on Sunday to hear me knowing nothing at all about college football and embroidery.

Plus you can not see me looking like this because I have it on good authority that that is how I will look…

Also? I will probably totally humiliate myself that’s why.

Plus there is the word thing. Seriously I want some good words. Send me your very best word then tune in to see which word gets sullied by the voice of CamiKaos…

15 thoughts on “sunday?

  1. sybil law says:

    Are you really going to discuss football and embroidery?! Regardless, “I’ll be there”… another song for you, strange lover…

  2. Corey~living and loving says:

    oh how I wish I could join you….but dial-up will not allow it…..painstakingly horrible, I know. Goodluck though. :)

  3. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ooo sounds interesting.We are out for the day sunday though.Will you put a link on so I can listen next week?Hmmm, words…HaberdasheryDefunctPalpitationsPoopAny good??Or, your codeword today is ‘twddl’, maybe ot means you should go with ‘twaddle’??

  4. CamiKaos says:

    Hmm… I certainly already have a favorite… I am hoping to have more words to choose from though….So are you guys gonna listen? Call in?Jo (and anyone else who can’t listen as it happens) you can go to the site link I gave anytime for a little listen

  5. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    I will try to listen! I love Mr. Fab and you, how could I miss it!My words are blowjobpixie dustvoir dire (I’m at work)voodoo

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