not resolute

New Years is not a holiday I go crazy for.Never have.My parents would always make a nice dinner and pop some champagne as a kid, but there was no fervor to go out and party, there was no press to be crazy at the house. I don't recall a lot of importance being placed on … Continue reading not resolute

the snake

A stop has to be put to Mr. Kaos and his remodeling insanity.See, mom and dad are here.You know? DaddyKaos and Nana. They're in my house RIGHT NOW.Can you imagine a house full of the Kaos family? It is here.So this morning I get home from dropping K off at school to find my mom … Continue reading the snake

going postal

I had two packages to mail today.2.You know I really love you if I send you a package.I love you even more if I send one during the holidays.Did I mention how much I HATE mailing things. I am really not a fan of going to the post office.Still, today I dropped K off at … Continue reading going postal