not resolute

New Years is not a holiday I go crazy for.

Never have.

My parents would always make a nice dinner and pop some champagne as a kid, but there was no fervor to go out and party, there was no press to be crazy at the house. I don’t recall a lot of importance being placed on NEW YEARS!!!!!

But none the less today is New Years Eve.

The Eve of the new year.

A new year means to me that I need to remember to put 08 on things instead of 07.

It means that tomorrow, a holiday for most, is my lovely man’s birthday.

It means that while K is sound asleep in her bed, like a fuddy duddy, I will be irritated by the midnight fireworks and bottle rockets that will invariably be set off because I will worry that they will wake her up and it may be hard to get her back to sleep.

I’m such a mom on New Years Eve.

But I’ve pretty much always been this way. I’ve never been a big party animal for this kind of thing. I prefer to save my wild and crazy nights for the times that most of the world is quietly oblivious to my good time.

Also, I’m not so much one for resolutions. I tend to consider this; If it’s something that needs to be done I should just go ahead and do it now, then, whenever it arises… not just wait for the year to roll over to something new.

I’m a total downer right?

Okay, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

I don’t hate New Years Eve. At all.

But I don’t like it for any of the reasons most people do.

It marks the end of a crazy season. As much as I like a certain amount of chaos… I like my normal brand of chaos not the crazy sugar, feast, consumer induced brand of chaos.

And yes I know I spent a month talking about how much I love Christmas. I do love it. Until the 26th and then I am done for 11 months.

So in a completely not grumpy way…

Happy New Year!

until next year – xoxo CamiKaos

12 thoughts on “not resolute

  1. mielikki says:

    great mind’s think alike. I just blogged about how I wasn’t a great fan of this, either.Anyway. Happy New Year’s to all of you, ANDhappy birthday to the mister.

  2. katydidnot says:

    it bothers me no end that word prompts me to capitalize the words new year: New Year. blech. it’s another day of the year. whatevah. every year i revert for about three weeks to writing 92 or 96 instead of the New Year on checks and things. i just get confused.

  3. sybil law says:


  4. holly says:

    i’m with you. meh! so it’s the last day of december. it is an arbitrary label for a day. i don’t need to be told when to drink, and i don’t need to be told when to stay up late. i can handle both items just fine, thanks. and that goes for chinese new year too. new year. ha! bite my new butt!okay, i’ll stop now. happy new years!!!!

  5. holly says:

    by the way. i’m already in 2008. ha ha ha ha ha ha! it’s so much better over here. no one telling me when to drink or when to go to bed. . .

  6. Corey~living and loving says:

    Hey Cami….I get this. I really do! We just may not be as different as it sometimes appears. I hope that 2008 is great for you Cami!

  7. Jo Beaufoix says:

    I get this too Cami. It’s the end of the madness and everything can start to float back down to earth.Happy New Year to you and all the Kaos clan. x

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